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Sunday 4 March 2012

Best magazine freebies in March

Good evening all! Hope you had a totally stupendous weekend. Mine was fairly busy so it’s gonna be nice to spend the next couple of hours lying in the bath eating Haagen Dazs and reading a magazine or two. Talking of which… I picked up Marie Claire and Glamour and the awesome freebies that came with them will go a long way towards making me feel less guilty for spending so much on said magazines. I mean with such brilliant products they’re practically paying me to read them :) With Marie Claire - Neals Yard Rehydrating Rose Daily Moisture for normal skin
With Glamour - Percy & Reed Totally TLC Hydrating Hair Mask

I love how they've both given hydrating products; I think most of us are feeling the effects of the central heating and freezing cold weather on our hair and skin so these are perfect for this time of year!


Unknown said...

Cosmo have Clinique samples.
I spent ages yesterday tracking down the moisture surge ones.

All Made Up said...

funny you should say that cos all my local shops have sold out of the moisture surge ones! though its easy to see why, its definitely one of my favourite clinique products :)

Aimee. said...

I got the glamour mag yesterday I want to get a few more of them but they had sold out today so got the marie clair one instead. I just hope I like it. The mag was a pricey 3.70 but not bad for the 12.00 rrp product you get (thats if you like it) It will have to be pretty amazing for me to pay 12.00 for it again. And in the glamour mag there is vouchers for zizi and millies cookies =) x

Italian Blogger said...

follower :)