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Thursday 29 December 2011

just another nude eye shadow palette

Stila Naturaleyes eye shadow palette
If there's one thing I don't need it's yet another nude eye shadow palette but whilst I was doing my Christmas shopping this Stila Naturaleyes palette actually jumped right into my basket and forced me to buy it. There were threats, my arm was twisted and there was just no way I could say no

The packaging won me over cos it's so natural and simple looking. Who knew cardboard could look this good?
I'd swatched the colours in the shop and fell in love with them straight away but suffered a little twinge of buyers remorse when I used this the next morning. There was a lot of fall-out when I applied some of these shadows (Kitten and Champagne are the worst offenders, they also happen to be my two favourite shades) so this can be really annoying to use. Nothing gets on my nerves more than my under-eye area getting covered in loose eye shadow cos it's so hard to tidy up. Some of the shades are like loosely packed talcum powder and others are dense, rich and seriously pigmented. The extent to which the textures differed really surprised - and slightly annoyed - me

The range of colours is awesome, for a relatively small palette they've squeezed in a great mix of light, medium and dark shades so it's easy to create a pretty daytime look or a serious smokey evening look. Oh and there are matte and shimmery shades! I'm a sucker for shimmery, glittery, shiny things but I like the option of nice matte shades too... Even if I'll only use them once in a blue moon
I love the little Glimmersticks by Stila and this one is no exception! The colour is great as it gives real definition to my eyes but doesn't leave them looking too dark… I prefer a relatively subtle look for during the day so this works a treat. There aren’t enough eye liners that stay in place all day long so this is pretty high up in my list of favourites because it doesn't budge till you tell it to (with eye makeup remover)

Overall I'd give this palette a respectable 7 outta 10; the loose, lightly packed shadows let it down but the colours make it worth having

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lalalucy1000 said...

This palette looks really pretty and I love Stila as a brand, im with you on the fall out tho its possibly one of the most annoying things a eyeshadow can do x x

BlushCrush said...

I know this wasn't a 100% glowing review, but I've decided that I need a new neutral palette... the naked palette doesn't 1 million per cent thrill me really, and other than that, I have the odd mixed palette with some good neutrals, but I want one palette to house them all. LisaLisaD1 from YouTube raved about this and you had some favourable things to say about it... heading out to Westfield today - things are gonna get naughty! x

Papish said...

Beautiful palette! Are you posting some swatches?

Anda Zelenca said...

It looks amazing!:X:X:X

Leticia said...

This looks gorgeous! I am a huge Stila fan. Swatches please!! :)

Abigail Horsey said...

I got this eyeshadow for christmas and I love it! It is my favourite eyeshadow palette, and the colours are gorgeous. However the eyeliner I got is broken so I am really disappointed as it is brilliant. Great product! xxx