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Thursday 29 December 2011

The Einstein of cleansers

Elemis Pro-Radiance Cream Cleanser

Can you believe Christmas is over?! Months of build up and it was over in the blink of an eye! Honestly I think we should make it last a week instead of just 1 day. I hope Santa brought you everything you wanted and that you got to spend loads of time with your friends and family eating and drinking waaay too much. I certainly did :)

I’ve actually really missed writing my little blog posts over the Christmas holidays and have been looking forward to singing the praises of this awesome cleanser!...

More than anything else using the right cleanser can make a massive difference to my skin. I've tried dozens over the last couple of years because the wrong one can cause my already break-out prone skin to play up and instead of just sticking with what works I'm always trying to find one that not only cleans my skin but leaves it soft, smooth, spot free, glowing, radiant and, well, perfect. Needless to say I'm still searching :)
As a general rule I veer away from cream cleansers (although there are a few that have actually worked well for me!) and will usually opt for fairly strong products with salicylic acid, tea tree, witch hazel etc. So although I had an open mind when decided to give Pro-radiance by Elemis a try I really wasn't expecting miracles

This comes in a 150ml pump bottle and I find half a pump is enough for my whole face

This is one of the most luxurious face products I've ever used, though the £27.60 price tag probably helps add to the feeling of luxury! The smell is really mild and subtle, kinda like coco and shea butter mixed together so it's nice but nothing to write home about; which suits me cos I don't like over-fragranced face products

Although the texture is rich it's actually loose enough to be massaged into the skin for ages and it's so soothing I've used this as a moisturising 5-minute face mask when my skin feels particularly dry and tight. And there aren't many cleansers that actually feel like a treatment for the skin!
What impressed me most about this cleanser is that it's kept my skin well-balanced and practically (not totally, but then I think that'd be asking too much) blemish free since I started using it. I'd sort of expected the rich formula to leave my skin too oily or over-loaded but that hasn't been the case at all. It's like this actually knows how dry or oily my skin is and adapts to work how I need it to work. I don't wanna go giving this too much credit or anything but it's the most clever cleanser I've ever used and I'm still amazed at how well it's held up against my ever-changing skin


Cost : £27.60 - I dunno about you but I reckon this is a ridiculous amount for a cleanser. If it didn't work so well I'd swear I'm not gonna buy this again
Size : 150ml
Plus point : This is an anti-aging cleanser and I’ve heard skin starts to age more and more rapidly after you reach 25. I’m 26. It’s definitely time to start including an anti-aging product or two in my routine; better safe than sorry n all that

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Northern Gloss said...

Ah I love this cleanser sooo much. If you want to repurchase this you should watch out for collections with this in. A few months ago I bought a set for £48 that included this cleanser plus a lot more - you can still get it at Time To Spa. I got mine at Debenhams. For Christmas I got an amazing set off QVC with it in as well - only £39! It's here if you want to take a look. Definately worth looking out for these collections xx