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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Shielo - Hair care that works

It’s nearly 2am. I had just decided to go to bed and this is what greeted me… Zoe is quite the little bed thief and I didn’t want to disturb her so I tucked her in and figured I’d do another blog post. Manipulated by a dog? Me?! Er, yeah, it would seem so. But she's soooo cute!
Anywho, I recently tried a few products by Shielo and wanted to rave about them a little so there’s no time like the present!
I used to believe that it didn’t matter what shampoo I used cos it just cleaned my hair. Which meant I’d happily fork out 20 quid on a good conditioner but would use a bottle of supermarket own brand shampoo that cost a pound or two. Oh how things change!

As far as the Shielo products go I can actually feel the condition of my hair improve by using nothing but the HYDRATE Moisturizing Shampoo. It’s creamy and rich but still lathers well so my hair feels clean but not squeaky clean (which I always find unpleasant as it makes my hair break more easily) The shea butter, hibiscus and vanilla cactus mean I can use this every single day without worrying that it’ll irritate my scalp or dry out my hair and leave it feeling more dry n brittle over time

This HYDRATE Vibrancy Conditioner does everything I could ask for… It de-tangles my hair as soon as I apply which means I can run a brush through it whilst it’s still wet – a cardinal hair sin! – without worrying that it’ll break or cause more split ends. My hair is left feeling seriously soft and smooth but not limp, which is so important because fine hair like mine can end up flat as a pancake if my conditioner leaves a residue

If I’m looking for a little more volume I’ll use the VOLUME Volumizing Conditioner which does what it says on the tin. Nuff said
Rather oddly my favourite product from this comapny is the Anti-Aging Smoothing Complexion Scrub. What with this being a hair-focused company I wasn’t expecting much from the skin care but this scrub is fantastic. As you can probably see from the picture above the little beads are perfectly spherical so they don’t scratch or irritate the skin. The ingredients include Aloe Vera Juice and Allantoin which means my skin is left feeling fresh and moisturised as well as really smooth

Right, I'm definitely going to bed now. Nighty night all ♥


MissA* said...

Awww... Zoe is so cute! My little Yorkie does the same too ;)

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