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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

S&G lipstick - liar liar pants on fire

Soap & Glory Fabulipstick Collagen Boosting Lipstick in Naked Beige
This is one dishonest lipstick. It lied to me on no less than 3 separate occasions and I must say I’m very disappointed.

Lets start with the shade name; it’s called Naked Beige. Now I dunno about you but for me that conjures up images of nude toned lips. I’m think 2 or 3 shades darker (or lighter) than my actual lip colour would be an acceptable shade range but nope, this is brown. And I don’t mean a gorgeous neutral beige shade that looks lovely with a nice peachy toned blush, I mean brown. Like poopies

Next on the list of lies was the claim that this is a lip plumping product. Ok, it may have “collagen boosting properties with plumping pre-peptides” but it didn’t plump my lips one iota. Which would be fine if I wasn’t promised that it would!
Last of all it claims that it will give a soft, smooth, dewy, plump pout but guess what? Exactly! It does nothing of the sort! This is one of those creamy lipsticks that sinks into every teensy tiny little crevice on the surface of the lips and then bleeds out in no time. I’m 26 and am still fairly smooth-skinned and this still makes my lips look like cracked mud. My mum on the other hand is 54 and has smoked since she was a kid so I can only imagine how dreadful this would make her lips look… which really sucks cos the collagen-having-lip-plumping-qualities are exactly the kinda things that would appeal to people who are concerned about not-so-smooth lips
Because I have such faith in Soap & Glory I was really disappointed by this. Think I’ll stick to their lip glosses in future :)

Summary :

Cost - £9
Size – 3.5g
Shades available – 3
What’s good about it – The little Soap & Glory logo is carved into the lipstick which is very cute
Will I repurchase – Nope, wont even use the one I have again


socialitedreams said...

yikes! can't believe it pulled the wool over your eyes on ALL counts :( that sucks

Unknown said...

didnt know S&G had cosmetic D: but its body products are awesome <3

hehee, even though this lipstick doesnt work well, never lose faith in finding good lip products :P!!

Marie said...

eeek, was interested in the lipstick, definitely saving my money!!