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Monday, 17 October 2011

Is this not the best beauty idea ever?!

My Glossybox for the month of October

When I stumbled across Glossybox online I couldn’t help wondering how the hell I hadn’t heard of it before! The idea is simple but absolutely brilliant - in my humble opinion - so I figured I’m morally obliged to do a little post on it cos when something is this good you really can’t keep it to yourself :)

“So what is it?!” I hear you ask! Well, for £10 per month (plus £2.95 P&P) Glossybox will send you 5 sample size high-end products. Now when I say sample size I don’t mean those little sachets you get stuck to the pages of magazines… The products I received were sizeable enough to allow me to really try them out and decide what I think of ‘em. In fact the Leighton Denny nail polish and Stila eye liner are actually full sizes (and would cost £11 and £13 respectively)
Leighton Denny nail polish in Sex Kitten
Stila smudge stick waterpoof eye liner

My favourite thing about this is how it lets you try products you wouldn’t necessarily consider picking up when you’re out shopping so there’s always a chance you’ll come across a little gem that really works wonders

Hmmm, scratch that, my favourite thing is actually how you can include your skin type, tone and problems when you sign up so any products you receive are specific to your needs. Genius, no? Dermalogica Age Smart multivitamin thermafoliant and multivitamin power recovery masque. They also threw in a little Dermalogica makeup bag and renewal lip complex
3 bottles of Robert Piguet Eau de parfum

Hang on, hold the phone, wait a minute! I’ve just realised that my actual favourite thing has nothing to do with the products at all, it’s definitely the packaging. I’m not kidding when I say that the parcels are more prettily wrapped the most birthday presents I get (and give!) so it’s a real treat to open this… kinda like a little surprise pressie every month. And what could be better than that?
I’ve just realised that I sound like I work for (or actually own) Glossybox but nope, I just really really like the idea :)

Thanks for stopping by. Oh and if you've already discovered Glossybox do let me know what you think! ♥


Bruce said...

Thanks for a great blog
eye makeup tips

Tracy D said...

I subscribe to the one we can get in Canada, LUXE box...I really enjoy it too. It's like getting a gift every month b/c I'm always excited to see what I get. Time will tell if I use everything I get in them :)