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Friday 23 September 2011

The key to flawkess makeup-free skin

I know Estee Lauder has a reputation as a middle aged womans brand… It’s not exactly cutting edge when it comes to colours, styles or even packaging but the products are so dependable I can’t help but adore them. What can I say, I’m 25 going on 47

I’ve used everything from the lipsticks and foundations to the perfumes and face creams and I can’t think of a single item that I haven’t liked. In my opinion one of the best face creams from the range is Day Wear; it’s one of my all time favourite scents because it actually smells of clean. Honestly it’s like freshly sliced cucumber with a hint of just washed cotton bed linen. Absolute bliss :)

As much as I love the original formulation I had to try the newer tinted version because I’d heard loads of good things about it and I’m pleased to say it’s about 100 times better than I expected. And I expected a lot
The bottle is great as it’s a squeezy tube as opposed to a jar which I find much more hygienic and practical cos I can throw it in my bag for use throughout the day. And it’s a massive 50mls as opposed to the usual cream/foundation size of 30mls so one bottle lasts a ridiculously long time

At first I wasn’t sure how it was s’posed to give my skin any colour as the product is white when it comes out of the bottle but there are teensy tiny particles which burst when you massage this into the skin, releasing a subtle touch of colour. The texture is gorgeously creamy but still light and really easily absorbed, leaving the skin feeling deliciously velvety and touchable
As for the coverage… every time I wear this I’m newly impressed by how well it adapts to the colour of my skin, giving a natural healthy I’ve-just-been-for-a-nice-lone-walk-along-the-beach glow that lasts all day

To me this veers between being a tinted moisturiser and a light coverage foundation because I can get away with using a dab of concealer around problem areas and then using this over the rest of my face without feeling that I need to finish off with a powder or anything
Oh and did I mention it’s also packed with anti-oxidants and has an SPF of 15 so it actually leaves my skin looking better the more I use it? Really doesn’t get any better than that ♥

P.S. If you’re really pale I think this might look bit orange so it’d be worth trying this in a store and then wandering around outside in natural light to see how the colour looks before investing £34 on it!


mixnmatch1 said...

i love estee lauder (not middle aged lol) and i never fail to be impressed,well worth the money.
great post :)

Jo Woods said...

great review, I've never tried Estee Lauder until recently when I got a sample of Estee Lauder Double Wear, I fell in love with it and haven't gone back to my other foundation since xxx

All Made Up said...

Mixnmatch1 I couldn’t agree more! As much as I hate paying over 20 quid for a cleanser I’m more than happy to if I know I can rely on it :)

Jo I love Double Wear too! I’m constantly trying new foundations but if I have a big night out or if my skin is playing up I know Double Wear will cover a multitude of sins and last ages after I’ve applied it ♥