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Monday, 13 June 2011

Best drugstore foundation for dry skin?

Maybelline Dream Creamy Foundation

This is really similar to Max Factors Miracle Touch Foundation which I like but just don’t find myself using very often… I guess I'm just too set in my ways and can't help opting for a good old liquid foundation

I was in my local Boots store poking and prodding all different products - the testers of course! Don't you just hate when you buy something only to get it home and see that it's been used as a tester by someone else?! - and the first thing I noticed about this was the texture; it's smooth as silk and feels really velvety when you rub it between your fingers. I popped a little on my jaw line and the first one I tried (nude/beige dore) actually matched my skin tone superbly well. Which was obviously a clear sign that I had to buy it :) On the subject of shades there are only 5 to choose from so I imagine it could be difficult to get a shade to exactly match your skin tone… Surely we can’t all fall into 1 of 5 skin colour categories?!

I've used both my fingers and a makeup sponge to apply this and they both give a nice even result with much better coverage than I'd expected. This feels so moisturising when I'm applying it that it could nearly pass for a tinted moisturiser, which is sooo handy for dry skin days cos it ensures I don't end up with gross flakey patches anywhere but still get a decent finish
The packaging is a bit iffy. I'd only tried out a teensy tester whilst I was in the store so I was amazed when I got this home and saw just how much of the container was dedicated to the product (not much) and how much was dedicated to the sponge applicator (LOADS!) and it doesn't even come with a mirror

This goes on beautifully and gives a nice satin finish but unfortunately it doesn't last very long at all. Even with a good dusting of powder this fades after a few hours. I'll continue to use this because it’s so good when my skin is particularly dry but I’d love it to last a little longer! ♥

7 comments: said...

I'm so glad you did this review. I'm always looking for good drugstore foundations and i have really dry skin sometimes.
Thanks and it's too too bad it doesn't last longer :)


D.Sadie (D.G.S.Beauty) said...

Thanks for the review hun! I'll have to check this out b/c I have dry skin too.


Huda said...

Oh, thank you so much for this post! I have dry skin too, and I've always had such bad luck looking for drugstore foundations that won't irritate my already irritable skin :/ I might try this out now! Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Does this really work? I have major dry skin on my nose. some foundations wont even go on my nose because it is so dry or it will have patches and look ridiculous. Ive been using every mostrizure/foundation i can think of but nothing is working :/

All Made Up said...

Shannon I've found that this works an absolutely treat but at the minute I only have dry patches on my cheeks so don't know how well it would hold up when my skin is dry and flaky all over (which it can be in winter)

I've always found the Eucerin creams are fantastic when I'm particularly dry...

Joy xx

Anonymous said...

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Iram said...

I have really dry skin, i'm gonna try this. Thanks for the great review :)