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Sunday 6 March 2011

Chanel Pro Lumiere foundation

I was chatting about foundations with a friend of mine recently (her skin is always glowing, flawless and absolutely beautiful. Lucky sod) and although we agreed on most products our opinions of the Chanel Pro Lumiere differed entirely so I figured I’d give my 2 cents worth… It’d be interesting to know if you’ve had the same experience if you’ve used this too!

Firstly, as with all Chanel foundations, I love the bottle (simple, elegant and has a pump dispenser) and hate the smell (strong, chemical and totally unpleasant)

Secondly the texture is fantastic – when I first applied this to the back of my hand it was so runny I figured the coverage would be very light, as is often the case with more liquid consistencies but nope, the coverage is medium and can even be built up around more, ahem, troublesome areas :)

Thirdly the actual finish of this foundation is lovely and natural. It manages to hide my blemishes, dark circles and other undesirable areas but doesn’t look heavy or cakey at all. That being said it’s most definitely a dewy finish so if my skin is particularly oily I completely avoid this foundation cos it just makes my t-zone look like it’s been slicked with baby oil

Last of all I’ve always found that this lasts really well. I usually try to avoid wearing my makeup for more than about 12-14 hours but I’ve worn this to work and then headed out for a few drinks afterwards and it’s held up beautifully. Also, it doesn’t go patchy throughout the day even if I don’t bother user a primer

As you can probably tell I rather like this foundation and would definitely recommend it :)


Anna Elizabeth said...

I've never tried a Chanel foundation, but now I'm curious =)

Stina said...


I love this foundation, but for some bizarre reason, each time I have used a bottle (that#s happened 3 times)- I have not wanted to re-purchase.. And I can't say why really, and maybe that is just because I am then itching to try something new again.
Obviously I must love it as I've bought it 3 times, and now I've not had it for maybe a year, I fancy some again after you've reminded me how good it is :)

Anonymous said...

My Double Wear is almost finished so I might go get a sample of this and try it out! I really want it but can nevevr seem to get properly colour matched in Chanel x x

Tracy D said...

I have never tried any Chanel foundations, but for the price I'd honestly expect no less :)

Frances said...

thanks for the review! I'm currently testing out Chanel aqualumiere but this is on my next to-try list :P

Straight Up Glam said...

I actually love the smell of the Chanel foundations, haha!
I've tried this and the Mat Lumiere and I love them both! =D The staying power is amazing as is the finish!

Andrée xx

Stacey said...

I agree with you, I have this foundation too and love it. However I think the shade I got was a little on the pale side, definately a winter foundation. It was worth the money x

Unknown said...

Thanks for the review! I think I'll check this out the next time I'm out shopping :)

Rachelx said...

Thanks for the review, a Chanel foudation will be my next foundation purchase!

Stilistele said...

it's a bit greasy in me...but great on each and every other aspect!

YB* said...

I've heard a lot about this foundation (all good reviews too!) I think I might actually try it out once my MAC is done! Great review!

All Made Up said...

Thanks for all your lovely comments!

Chic Beauty I have the same problem with about 5 different foundations but I reckon it’s partly cos we have so many! My sister has been repurchasing the exact same products for about 8 years cos they work for her but I can’t help feeling like there might be something better out there so I constantly forget about stuff I like and move onto something else!

Frances rather oddly I’m actually looking forward to trying out Aqualumiere cos I’ve heard LOADS of great things about it and the sample I got in a magazine was fab :)

Claire@Eyelining I’m shocked that the MUA didn’t just fob you off with something… The girls at my local counter would sell me absolutely anything! What kinda foundation are you using at the min? I’m seriously pale too so finding decent foundations can be a nightmare ♥