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Tuesday 29 March 2011

Bourjois Smokey Eyes Trios

As much as I love Myface, Urban Decay, Too Faced etc I hate paying £10-£15 for a single eyeshadow! I'm always on the lookout for fairly inexpensive but fantastic quality shadows that I can use to play around with, which is why I've been so impressed by these little Bourjous trios…

The colours are extremely pigmented but because they’re baked you can just touch your brush to the product and apply a little swipe of colour for a subtle look or build the colour for seriously smokey eyes! Oh and talking of colours they've only gone and combined 3 extremely complimentary shades so you can get a complete purple/green/brown/blue/silver (there’s 8 trio colour options in total) eye look for £7.99. Not too shabby :)

Violet Romantic (06)

Mordore Chic (03)
I hadn't actually noticed this before but I seem to have become a bit of a "makeup tool snob" and always chuck the little sponge applicators from these kinda sets straight into the bin. I'm not even sure why but I figured I could use the applicator with this one to see how well it worked and was well pleased with the end result!

I hate lugging around loads of products and tools if I'm heading out anywhere so if I can use the sponge applicator instead of my usual 3 makeup brushes it'll be dead handy!


liketreasure said...

I've wanted to try these for ages! They look so good x

Katie ♥ said...

I love these! I have the neutral and purple ones you've got plus the black/grey one.. They're definitely good for saving space! xo

LabelSnob said...

Oh I can never use the sponge applicators! I'm way too awkward with them!
These trios look great! I'll have to add them to my wishlist!

Leticia said...

These look gorgeous! I throw out the sponge tip applicators too (except for the ones that came in my Dior quints).