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Tuesday 8 February 2011

Rimmel The Max Bold Curves Mascara

Nothing like some lime green packaging to grab my attention… when that’s combined with phrases like “extreme volume and lift,” “our biggest curve ever!” and “big, bold lashes in a flash,” I’m well and truly sucked in and already heading to the checkout clutching my new purchase

This is one of those mascaras I’d heard loads about so I was really eager to give it a try but it didn’t quite meet my expectations. It’s not a particularly bad mascara or anything but I’ve just found that I’ve had to work quite hard to make it work. And I don’t wanna work hard. I want the product to do what it’s s’posed to with minimal effort from me :)

As is my usual complaint with a lot of drugstore mascaras I’ve found the formula way too wet. So I bought this, used it, left it a few weeks, then started using it again and that seems to have helped dry it out a little

Unfortunately there’s little I can do to resolve the clumping problem! I tried to get a decent pic of the brush so you can see all the teensy clumps of product, which always end up gathered on my lashes. This means I have to resort to using an old, cleaned mascara wand to brush out the clumps and separate the lashes
As for the curves, I’m afraid this is just waay too heavy to give my lashes any curve at all; when I apply it it does nothing to actually shape the lashes, then when I apply a second coat (which I reckon is needed with this mascara) it kinda weighs them down so they end up less curvy than when I started. Most annoying!

The colour is good – a really intense black and I haven’t experienced much in the way of flaking so overall I don’t think this is a dreadful mascara but it’s definitely not one I’ll be repurchasing ♥


Anonymous said...

This product definitely clumps - I've had that problem with it too.


xNTA said...

Oh how disappointing. And the packaging really gets you too. lol
Have a great one! x

Kaitlynn said...

thanks for the review and heads up! i was soo going to buy this..i'll try another :)

Mandy said...

dont' worry i didn't particularly like this mascara either :p it not great and doesn't really do much for me either :(

Lilit said...

Great review, what a shame the product doesn't meet the standards as I've heard so much about it too.

Estefania Lovelifefashion said...

I bought this mascara too and I used it three times, now it's on the garbage :( It does really nothing to my eyelashes. I wasn't expecting anything too big but... meow.

Isabel y sus cositas said...

Thanks for the review! I think I won't buy it. I hate clumps!
xoxo from Spain.

Merel said...

That won't be a mascara I'll be buying.. Sounds horrible.. :(

Stevista said...

How disappointing :( Thanks for the review Joy, you saved me some money! :) x

All Made Up said...

I guess it's good to know I'm not the only one who found this a bit rubbish... Don't you just hate the way companies seem to tell gigantic lies about their products?! Why say it's gonna do something that quite clearly isn't the case!?!