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Saturday 5 February 2011

Elemental Beauty

Sample foundation vials in English Rose, Beige, Nude and Oatmeal
I received this little selection of Elemental Beauty products a couple of weeks back… I’ve been on a mission to find the perfect mineral foundation for a while now and absolutely love this stuff. It’s all so light and natural I feel like I should be running through a meadow in a white cotton dress with my hair flowing out behind me instead of heading to my local Pizza Express :)

My biggest problem when it comes to foundations is that I’m pale. Really pale. So a lot of shades just look bright orange on me and ordering stuff online is a total nightmare cos it’s sooo hard to judge the shade of the, well, of the shades available

The site gives you the choice of buying full size foundations for £10.99 or little sample vials for 85p each – the perfect way to find the right shade I reckon! The lightest colours available are extremely pale and there are lots of choices so whether you have pink or yellow undertones you should still be able to find the right colour. The English Rose wouldn’t be a shade I’d normally consider as it looks really pink but having used the little sample size it matches my skin perfectly

Eyeshadows in Confession and Envy

The texture of all the products is phenomenal, so light and silky it hardly feels like I’m wearing anything at all. And the best thing is that they actually offer good coverage! I was reading through tips on the site and they suggest using a damp brush for fuller coverage – totally awesome idea that I cant believe I never thought of sooner!!

Illuminator in Rosy Apple

The pigmentation of the eyeshadows is fab and they don’t crease at all. My only complaint would be about the Illuminator – the colour I have isn’t dark enough to show on my skin properly so I’ve just been using my Sleek blushes and Collection 2000 highlighter when I wear the mineral foundation


Hebridean Sprite said...

This all looks really nice! Could we get some swatches too? :D

Anonymous said...

I seriously lol'd at the running through a meadow in a white cotton dress part! haha. I couldn't agree with you more about buying online, the shade looks perfect for you in the images, but when it comes, it couldn't be more wrong. So I love the idea of buying the sample sizes for just 85p! These sound so good, i think I'll try some samples myself

xNTA said...

God, I LOVE samples of things! I think it's a brilliant move on ANY COMPANY'S part to make affordable samples that people can buy and choose from. Especially when it comes to foundations :)
Have a great one! x

In Palace said...

omg nice products!

SweetLikeJelly said...

Buying samples is a great idea for online shopping. wish more companies introduced that.

hidden-freckles said...

I love the rosy apple name! xxx

All Made Up said...

Hebridean Sprite I’ve been meaning to swatch these for ages now so it’s on my list of things to do! Just haven’t had a chance cos I’m never home during the day and it’s so hard to take pics without natural light!!