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Monday 23 April 2012

The non-concealing concealer

GOSH Click 'n' Conceal in Light
A while back the nice people at GOSH sent me Click n Conceal. It's a pen-sized stick with a little brush applicator on one end a clicker on the other which you press to dispense the product. You guys have probably noticed that I absolutely love GOSH products and as far as I'm concerned the quality is always beyond awesome. Well, almost always...
This concealer is completely average and not something I'd ever buy or recommend. My biggest complaint when it comes to concealers is often that they aren't pigmented enough and essentially just look like a medium coverage foundation. Which would be grand if I was after a medium coverage foundation of course, but I prefer something that will cover dark circles and spots entirely. This product is ok when you just need to hide slight under eye discolouration but for anything more obvious it just doesn't cut the mustard
The texture is lovely; very smooth and creamy and manages to settle under the eyes without sinking into the fine lines but at the minute I have some bright red spots on my chin and there's absolutely no way this would be good enough to cover them. It's not buildable - it's one of those liquids that doesn't cling to itsef, so if you add another layer and try to blend it the colour it just smears it out and doesnt actually change the depth of colour whatsoever. So overall it's a big pile of meh
Other stuff :

Size : 2.9ml
Cost : £6.99 - though I was sent this for free to trial and review
Shades : light, medium, dark, anti-redness (green)
Good Point(s) : the pale shade is really pale and actually matches my ghost white skin tone

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Zatheela said...

the packaging is nice though..

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