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Monday 27 February 2012

Super cute mineral foundation/brush combo

Wet n Wild Natural Blend Mineral Foundation in Fair
When I spotted this little Wet n Wild foundation powder I was like OMG!! CUTEST PACKAGING EVER! TOTALLY MUST BUY IMMEDIATELY! Then I was like Whoa, calm down there Joy it’s only a face powder. Then I stopped talking to myself, bought the powder and rushed home to try it straight away… Really need to get myself a hobby or something…

As you can probably guess my favourite thing about this is the packaging. It’s two plastic containers which screw together, one holds a mini buki brush and the other holds the powder. Genius, no?

The brush is dense and quite firm so it’s great for picking up the product and blending it in no time but it’s fairly scratchy so I think it’d be best avoided by anyone with sensitive skin. The brush shed quite a few hairs the first couple of times I used it but thankfully it‘s stopped shedding now and is still far from bald
The powder itself gives a nice sheer coverage (absolutely nothing like the full coverage you get from Bare Minerals or Bella Pierre) and is really finely blended, which helps ensure it doesn’t look all cakey n gross. Personally I can almost never get away with just a powder so I use this over my regular liquid foundation. It’s great for setting the rest of my makeup and keeping the grease slick on my t-zone at bay but if you’re on the lookout for a mineral powder that covers well then I’d suggest steering clear of this!

Other stuff

Size - 3.5g
Cost – Varies but I got mine online for £2.25 (seems to be the standard amount on the UK sites)
Packaging – hygienic when used on the go as it means your brushes aren’t just rolling around the bottom of your handbag
Shades – I use Fair which is light enough to look natural and add a little warmth to my skin


Lily said...

Awh this is really cute packaging :) x

All Made Up said...

Lily I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed the packaging before anything else! anything this inventive has gotta be ok :)