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Thursday 15 December 2011

Not all primers are created equal

Laura Geller Spackle in Champagne
Evening all, hope you’ve had a nice week so far! Looking forward to the weekend? I’m working on Saturday which kinda sucks but It’s Adryens birthday on Sunday so I’m all excited about that. Is there anything better than choosing the perfect pressie for someone and getting to watch them open it? :)

Had a rather long day so figured I’d top it off with a little negative review on a recent purchase! Laura Gellers Champagne Spackle…

…This confuses me slightly as it’s described as an under-makeup primer yet it's full of little shimmery particles. Surely if it's designed to be worn under makeup the glitter is totally unnecessary? I know there's a possibility that someone could want to use this alone on non-makeup days but it seems silly to bother adding sparkly stuff to a primer if there's only a slight chance that someone might wanna use this on a day when they aren’t gonna bother with foundation
The champagne tone of this is almost non-existent once it's been applied (even on my ridiculously pale skin) and I'm not very keen on the twinklyness. Although I didn't notice just how obvious the sparkle was until I caught sight of my skin in direct sunlight and personally I think it's just too much - even more OTT than Revlon Photoready so if I was to repurchase (which I wont) I'd definitely get the regular version instead of the Champagne one
Now onto the really important stuff! The texture is nice and smoothes my skin slightly but no more than a really good moisturiser. I find this helps my pores look refined but doesn't actually leave my whole face looking smooth n polished the way my Smashbox, Rimmel and L'Oreal primers do. On the plus side it dries in fairly quickly and non-tackily so I don’t have to blast my face with the cool setting on my hair drier when I'm in a rush to get my makeup done

I was particularly disappointed by this cos I adore all the other Laura Geller stuff I’ve bought in the past but I guess it would be too much to ask that every single item from a brand is totally perfect!


The Peach said...

Thanks for the review! It's always important to see honest reviews if a product isn't all that great.

Carrie said...

Great review! Thank you for being honest about this product. It's good to know all about the pros and cons. I like using primers under my make up. I find that it gives me better results once I apply my foundation. It gives me more coverage. I use the Benefit That Gal.

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