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Monday 19 December 2011

Estee Lauder Blush in Rose Nuance

I’m gonna make this short n sweet cos there isn’t a massive amount I can say about a blush!

I picked this up a couple of months back as I was stocking up on Double Wear and realised I hadn’t owned an Estee Lauder blush in years! This shade really jumped out at me cos the colour is ridiculously pink so after trying a little swatcharoo on the back of my hand I just had to have it
Although the colour is one of those scarily bright shades in the pan it’s actually a beautifully natural pretty pink shade. When it’s applied with a light hand that is :)

The powder is so finely milled that it really blends into the skin, giving a natural flushed look as opposed to the dreaded circle of intense colour right in the centre of each cheek. We’ve all gone for that look at some point I reckon but at least we learned from it!
I don’t know how everyone else feels about them but I really really hate these little blush brushes! I never use them but I don’t really like throwing them away cos it seems like such a waste so I usually find that it stays in the plastic wrapping till I’ve used up all the product and I can chuck it in the bin guilt free


Cost : £24 – definitely one of the highest priced blushes I own but also one of my most used!
Size : 5g
Shades available : 8 in total, varying from pale nude to rich plum tones
2nd best bit : The packaging. The Estee Lauder packaging really appeals to the middle aged woman in me


sugarbumpkin said...

What a beautiful blush! ....but wait a minute. Middle aged? You look 25 at most!

Lucy said...

That color is really pretty. I also hate the little brushes that come with blushes and shadows, like you I don't use them but I also can't bring myself to throw them out :)

Kim Herrera said...

What a beautiful blush! ....but wait a minute. Middle aged? You look 25 at most!