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Monday 12 December 2011

Creme Brulee Vaseline? Yes please!

Limited Edition Vaseline Lip Therapy in Creme Brulee
I don’t believe in brand-loyalty (My favourite cleanser one week will barely make it into my top 10 a week later) which is why there are only a handful of products that I love as much now as I did when I was a kid. One of them happens to be Vaseline. I still remember reading articles in Shout and Mizz magazines that advocated it for everything!
It's great for keeping lips smooth, keeping eyebrows in shape and keeping cuticles soft. When I spotted the new Crème Brulee version I really really wanted it but it cost £2.99 as opposed to the usual 99p that I pay for my other "flavours" so I couldn't justify it but a friend of mine (who is much less tight that me!) bought it for me a couple of weeks ago and it's beyond awesome
You probably wont be surprised to hear that the only difference between this and the other Lip Therapies available is the packaging and smell - which makes me wonder why the price is so much higher! - but I love sweet sugary smelling yummy goodies so that's reason enough for me to use this instead of the others I have :)

Summary :

Cost - £2.99
Size - 20g
Worth the price? - Yup, especially if you're kinda sick of all the other Vaseline flavours
Downside - Not available everywhere... I've only come across 2 stores in Belfast that have it in stock

1 comment:

Unknown said...

im a big fan of its rose petroleum jelly =D creme brulee seems soooo awesome, got my heart instantly lol!