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Monday, 5 December 2011

Best face mask for EXFOLIATING

Alpha H 15% Glycolic Hydrating Mask
I bought a load of stuff from the Alpha H range a while back and was less than impressed by the majority of the products (most of which I returned) but this mask has become a firm favourite because it’s one of the few products that causes such a big difference to my skin after one use that people actually notice

When I wanted to get rid of the layers of dead skin on my face I used to resort to a good old gritty-bitty face scrub to actually scour the dead skin away. These days I’ll often use a Glycolic Acid product to do the same job because it does it just as (if not more) successfully but it doesn’t leave any blotchiness or dry patches as it seems to know what parts of my skin are lacklustre and dull and focuses specifically on them. Admittedly that makes the mask seem rather intelligent, which makes me seem a little crazy but I could swear that it only concentrates on the bad areas of my face!
This particular mask has quite a high concentration of Glycolic (15%) so if you have sensitive skin then I wouldn’t recommend it but for me this works a treat; I can apply a fine layer and leave this to get to work for 10 minutes knowing that my skin will look softer, smoother and more even when I rinse it off

I’ve heard someone refer to the effect this creates as like lots of little Pacmen gently nibbling away the dead skin and that image seems to suit this perfectly!

Summary :

Cost – Approx £20
Size – 100ml
Downsides – As the company is based in New Zealand the products aren’t easy to get hold of so you might have to resort to ebay, amazon or QVC

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