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Monday 13 June 2011

Another awesome freebie

I promised myself I wouldn’t buy anymore cosmetics until payday – with fathers day and my dads birthday just around the corner I’m keeping an eye on the pennies cos he has more expensive taste than I do! So I was quite pleased when I saw that Marie Claire was giving away free Inika eye liners and mineral mascaras with the latest issue. I picked up the eye liner on my way home from work completely guilt free; cosmetics ban is still intact as far as I’m concerned :)
Obviously I had to try it out straight away so I went for a really OTT cat eye look and am rather pleased with the result! It’s a nice soft pencil then smudges easily when it’s first applied but sets fairly quickly. No idea if it’ll hold up over time but I’m looking forward to trying it out plenty ♥
Inika mineral eye liner in Graphite (05)

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