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Tuesday 31 May 2011

Smashbox Selection

I ordered the Todays Special Value from QVC a while back cos it was a gorgeous selection of Smashbox goodies for about £36 (cant remember the exact TSV price but it’s currently £45.50 on the website)

The main reason I had to get this was cos I wanted the primer. At the minute I use Photo Finish Light but I’ve almost finished my bottle and at £29 by itself I figured this was a real bargain because I’d be getting 6 other products for less than a tenner. I know I know, I’m actually starting to sound like one of the QVC presenters. Memo to self: less tv, more reading!
Anywho, the eyeshadows, primer, lip gloss and pencil are all fab and I’ve used them most days for work since this arrived. The shadows are sooo pretty and make my eyes look fairly bright
Er, I took the pics about 5 minutes ago after walking my dogs in the park. It’s kinda windy out so if you could ignore the state of my hair that’d be awesome :)


Jade said...

Your hair looks fine to me, I also like your earrings and the lip gloss colour. Have a great day!

Bailey said...

The eyeshadow shades look so great on you!

CRYS said...

Just beautiful!

*Zoe* said...

YOu look stunning - that eyeshadow is amazing.
The set looks like a really good bargain - grfeat buy xx

Stacey said...

That is such a bargain! I use the Smashbox foundation primer and love it! Mine is a miniature though and cost £11 off eBay. You look lovely x

kaizokumousy said...


Joy said...

thanks for your lovely comments!

Stacey I'm really loving the Smashbox Primer at the min because the warm weather is playing havoc with my foundation; it seems to melt almost as quickly as I can apply it! :)