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Saturday 28 May 2011

Nivea pearly shine lip balm

A friend of mine bought me this lip balm a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to mention it as it’s one of the few products that, in my humble opinion, doesn’t have a single fault

The packaging is a cute colour and handy shape, the smell is sweet and fruity (a bit like Postman Pat sweeties that used to come in the blue wrappers, if you remember that far back?) the colour is subtle and sheer so I just end up with a pearly pink sheen that makes me look a bit healthier. Last of all it even keeps my lips from drying out. Rather important what with this being a lip balm n all but to be honest it has so many good qualities that I almost expected it to leave my lips all dry
Oh and did I mention that it costs less than £2.50? I know I know, I shouldn't have looked at the price because it was a present but I had to know! For, uhm, blog research purposes. Yeah, thats it


Anonymous said...

One of my friends used to have this years ago and gosh did she rave! aha x

In Palace said...

so nice!

In Palace ♥

Tracy D said...

I have this somewhere, I need to dig it out!

Jade said...

It's been one my favourite lip balms for years!

Mystical said...

I heard Nivea was good. Unfortunately, I have to finish my Chapstick before I go out trying this. :/

Joy said...

Thanks for your comments! I guess Nivea is one of those brands that we all end up going back to at some point… gotta love the old reliables, eh? :)