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Monday 16 May 2011

All these Clinique goodies for £45

Don't you just love when the planets align, the universe is on your side and something works out exceptionally well? Me too! and talking of which... I ran out of Moisture Surge on the same day that I got a leaflet through the door from Clinique offering a free gift with 2 purchases from their range at House of Fraser. Ok, so maybe it isn't the most life-changing occurrence but I was all chuffed!Lipgloss (Grapefruit 10), Superbalanced makeup (ivory 03) and High Impact Mascara (black)
7 day scrub cream (50mls) Blended face powder (Invisible blend 20)

I figured I'd pick up a new jar of Moisture Surge (perfect for this time of year cos it's so light but still seriously hydrating!) and a new mascara. I love how the mascara has a little comb instead of the usual round brush… haven’t actually tried it yet so I have no idea how well it works but the sales assistant assured me that it coats the lashes beautifully and separates them all very well. And we all know how they are completely and utterly honest about the stuff they're selling us :) Superdefense SPF 25 (15mls) Foundation brush, powder brush and makeup bag

The little free gift comes with a great mix of products; foundation (available in 3 shades) a powder, lip gloss, mascara, superdefense moisturiser, 7 day scrub, a foundation brush and a powder brush. The cherry on the cake is the cute summery bag it comes in

Quite a decent haul for £45 I reckon!


Katie said...

I love it when Clinique do these free gifts! I always have to purchase something! This looks like such a great gift! That powder looks soo cute :)

xxx said...

I love Clinique, I use their products a lot. They have so many great deals like this. I can't believe you got all that ...great gift


In Palace said...

love all this products!

In Palace ♥

Straight Up Glam said...

Great haul! Gifts with purchases are always so much fun! You got some great things, and I love the little makeup bag - so cute! =) Enjoy your goodies! =D

Andrée xx

Mystical said...

Ah, Clinique is an awesome brand. I think it's a fresher offshoot from Estee Lauder.
And the gift bags are definitely the best. :D
They come around at least every two months!

Red Lip Gloss said...

Free gifts are the best and Clinique always gives away some nice things. Love your haul lady


Heather Elyse said...

great gift!

Deanna said...

Clinique is one of my favorite brands. I love when they give away free gifts, I am always one to jump when that time comes around. :)


Pennyblossoms said...

Snap! Bought mine Saturday afternoon. Clinique Bonus Time is the best, isn't it? Good mans' gift too, this time. (Yes, I got stuff for 'im indoors). I chose Clarifying Lotion 3 and the strawberry Chubby Stick. Pretty!
Z xx

Becki said...

I am actually a consultant at Clinique in Macys and I AM JEALOUS of the gift that you all have. That is great. We just ended our gift and it was nice, but that is the best gift ever. Love it, total score.

Despina said...

I love clinique.this brand has the greatest foundation! great post.i really like your blog.i am following you.follow back if u want :)

Joy said...

thanks for all your awesome comments!

Pennyblossoms I’ve had my eye on the strawberry chubby stick for a while but just couldn’t decide whether or not to give it a try!

Becki I imagine you guys must get to try absolutely everything before you decide whether or not to splash out on it so I cant help being a teensy bit jealous… And Macys? I’d give my right arm to work there for a while!