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Friday, 29 April 2011

Max Factor Nailfinity

I reckon Max Factor nail polishes are totally underrated; they’re so easy to apply thanks to the fab brush and lovely formula. In fact my only complaint would be that the range of colours available is seriously limited
My sister bought me this one ages ago and it’s one of those colours I’d never have chosen myself but am now rather fond of. Feels a bit like a "grown up" colour, which is completely different from my bright greens and barbie pinks :)


Stacey said...

This colour looks really nice hun, defo a grown up colour. It's a classic x

Unknown said...

I love max factor nail polishes too, i love the colour of this one! Such a gorgeous pink x

All Made Up said...

♥ Stacey's Beauty Blog ♥ It's kinda grown on me - I like the thought of wearing a classic shade even though it feels like something I shouldnt wear till I'm about 40 :)

DaintyMakeup I adore the Max Factor polishes as much (if not more) that most of the high end brands! They always look great on