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Tuesday 22 March 2011

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation

Best for : Anyone who wants medium/full coverage that lasts ages

Why : I’ve actually never worn this for a full 25 hours (I’m waaay to lazy to stay away from my bed for that long!) but I can say with certainty that on the days I’ve applied this over a primer it’s looked extremely fresh and pretty even after about 14 hours. Also, as it fades it manages to fade at the same rate all over my face so I don't end up with that horrid patchy finish come 7pm...

Coverage : Medium/full. For anyone who already has flawless skin you could probably opt for something with less coverage cos this feels fairly heavy on the skin compared to some other Rimmel foundations – it’s not uncomfortable but when I apply this I definitely feel like I’m wearing makeup! I've found that this takes a little while to completely "set" so I usually apply it and then faff around with anything else that needs doing before I start applying the rest of my makeup :)

Price : Around £6.99


mixnmatch1 said...

thanks for the review,i won this on the rimmel website,cant wait to use it when it arrives :)

Sarah. said...

Thanks for the review! :D Im thinking of trying this one out.

All Made Up said...

mixnmatch1 I'm so jealous! Nothing beats free makeup :)

Sarah hope it works for you if you give it a try... feel free to stop by n mention if you do a review on it ♥