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Friday 21 January 2011

Mineral powder foundations

If there’s anything better than a superb skin-perfecting foundation then it has to be one that is actually silky light and allows skin to breathe whilst giving great coverage… Which is where mineral foundations come in! Ever since QVC started doing little mineral makeup segments on the show I’ve been obsessed with finding the best products. Er, yeah, I’m one of those people who sits glued to QVC whilst wearing my pjs and drinking tea. But lets brush past that, shall we? :)

I dunno about you but I’ve found it a million times harder to get a mineral powder that matches my skin tone than I ever have with a liquid foundation. There is just so much variation between shades and a lot of them look way too yellow or pink on my face. So far the best ones I’ve come across are Pure Foundation loose mineral powder by Maybelline and the Lasting Finish minerals loose powder by Rimmel
Both of these are great and I love how they blend with the naturals oils on my face so the result is pretty and quite dewy (definitely odd but awesome for a powder I reckon!); I really don’t like powders that just sit on top of the skin clinging on to each little hair because they look completely unnatural and kinda… well, gross really :)
Annoying little holes that allow the powder to get everywhere!

Each of these comes with a mini kabuki brush (the Maybelline one is waaay better) so they’re great for keeping in your bag to touch up throughout the day. Oh and talking of which! The Rimmel one comes with an amazing little plastic stopper that you can use to cover the holes in the lid. I’ve found this unbelievably handy cos I hate the way the powder continually falls through the shaker if you’re moving the regular pots around

Awesome little stopper that comes on the Rimmel powder jar

Anyway, the point of this post was actually to ask if you have a favourite loose mineral powder. I’d love to try another one that gives full coverage but I’m so wary of splashing out before I know that it’ll deliver the goods so any recommendations would be most welcome! ♥


hidden-freckles said...

Ahh i found the Maybelline brush that comes with the foundation SO SO itchy!! It was a really coarse texture and made my skin go quite red :(

I stick with the good old bare minerals myslf xx

Anonymous said...

I want to try both of these! The only loose mineral powder I've tried is from Sephora, and I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. I'm definitely going to be checking these out as soon as possible :)

Tracy D said...

As much as I love a drugstore deal, I have to say Laura Mercier's mineral powder foundation is pretty spectacular. Good coverage, dewy finish, turn stile on top controls the powder that comes out. Great product!

sugarbumpkin said...

oh i would have loved to see the product on your face!

Anonymous said...

I'm not very much into foundations of any kind, but I used to love L'Oreal's Translucent mineral foundation (forgot the exact name, sorry!). These sound fab, and I've actually never used a kabuki brush before so I'd like to know what purposes it can be used for! :)

Teagan said...

Estee Lauder has just released their Double Wear mineral powder...I will be purchasing tomorrow actually so I will do a post!

joanna x said...

I loveeeeee the Maybeline one, it is defiently my favourite powder, I use the exact same shade as you, but I never find it in stock anywhere, so I may have to settle for the rimmel one, I hadn't seen it before, thank you so much!


HazelxJoy said...

I use one from Avon. It is the only one I have ever tried but I obvioulsy got lucky first time. I can't say enough good things about it - I've actually had comments on my complexion when wearing it which, sadly, has never happened before.

Miss War Paint (Nic) said...

Hi Sweets! I too watch QVC in my PJs drinking tea! Youre not alone!

For xmas I got bare minerals in fairly light! That's my third pot and I love it! Perfect summer foundation! I did buy the lightest shade in elf mineral foundation and it was sooo orange! Eek!


Unknown said...

I love the Revlon Colorstay Mineral Foundation and for something cheaper I adore the Elf mineral foundation too :)

Charlene xxxx

Nats said...

Oh wow the Rimmel thing does look very handy! I've tried the Maybelline one as well, I loved it but it was a hand me down from my sis so ran out quickly. Now I use L'Oreal True Match mineral powder and I think it's fantastic! The packaging is a bit fiddly and sometimes it can feel a bit heavy but it does give a very even look :) xx

makeupbykatie said...

I'm glad the foundation works for you! I'm too unlucky with minerals =(

Amy McMillan said...

I tend to use liquid foundation really. But Body Shop does great mineral foundations - would definitely recommend giving them a go? My foundation from there is so good.. my skin feels so much better and less oily since using it.
Great blog. Now following, hope you can do the same?

All Made Up said...

Elizabeth I agree but for some reason it works perfectly on my skin – I guess it might be cos I feel like it definitely ensures that everything is completely blended :)

Tracy@mybestbeautybuys I’ve heard loads of great reviews on the Laura Mercier mineral foundation but was kinda hoping people would say it’s rubbish and I should avoid it, that way I wouldn’t feel like I really really need to give it a try :p

Hazel I’ve been eyeing the AVON one in the last few brochures but I’m always wary of ordering it cos I cant tell which shade will work for me. Do you find the little colour guides accurate?

Miss War Paint (Nic) I’ve heard nothing but good things about the Bare Minerals stuff, think I might have to splash out and invest in something that is almost guaranteed to work. Even if it is pretty expensive! :)

Nats I love the L’Oreal mineral blush and eyeshadows so I think the mineral powder might be worth a look. Dunno why I didn’t think of that myself ♥

Amy Mcmillan I’ve only tried a few makeup items from the body shop and didn’t even realise that they sold a mineral foundation. Perfect excuse to call in next time I’m passing it!

Hilary Kimbel said...

Thanks so much for posting this information! I have been trying to learn more about the best mineral powder foundation... I usually just use creams!