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Wednesday 5 January 2011

Bestest high-end lipsticks

I’m sure you guys are sick of me banging on about all my bargain drugstore goodies so I figured I’d do a post about a few lippies that I’ve splurged on over the last few months

I remember flicking through one of my sisters glossy mags when I was about, ooooh 12 or 13? And I came across a lipstick that cost £16. I thought this was completely hilarious and actually pointed it out to a few friends who all agreed that a £16 lipstick must have some sort of magical powers where it actually gets up, applies itself to your lips and then tidies the house and cooks the dinner too. For that kinda money I’d have expected nothing less

These days it’s a completely different story :) I certainly don’t throw money away on expensive lipsticks that I’ll never use (well, not often anyway) but I’ll happily hand over 20 quid if I think it’s a good ‘un that’ll really suit me

So in no particular order these are a few that I absolutely adore

Lancome color fever - 308
Estee Lauder pure color- lady pink (possibly my favourite lipstick ever)
Dior Addict high shine - 680
Clinique long lasting lipstick - soft bloom
Urban Decay lipstick - wanted

As you can probably tell I stick with fairly “safe” pinky neutral tones and don’t wear anything too dark or OTT thanks to having small thin lips. If I go any darker I look like a scary school teacher. Wearing my glasses instead of contacts just adds to the whole look :)

Do you have an all time favourite lipstick that you use constantly or couldn’t live without? ♥


PeachPixie said...

I admit that I don't splurge to often on lipstick but I do tend to spend on lip gloss.

Clinique has AWESOME high shine gloss, I've been wanting to try Urban Decay Lipstick and Wanted looks like an awesome color.

Thanks for the post!!

Jenni said...

no i'm not sick of the drugstore low end bargains post :D keep them coming please!! it's good to have some variety sometimes ;)

Melanie Busby said...

I'm also not sick of the bargain goodies! I stick to fairly nuetral colours for lipsticks too, but go crazy with lip gloss colours :)

Kisses, Melanie

herroyalbleakness said...

I love this series, really, Joy. I find them very useful since drugstore brands aren't too difficult to procure. I loved your mascara review (I had it up alongside makeupalley and ebay LOL!).

I love you actually for sharing such helpful and meaningful posts!

Leah said...

I love the look of the Wanted one! Any chance of swatches?

Jo Woods said...

Great choices, I love pinky neutral tones for the same reason.

My favourites at the minute are Maybellines Colour Sensational in Delicate pearl and MUA shade 1 (MUA is only £1 so total bargain too)

Thanks for sharing

Love Jo xxx

Anonymous said...

i like the Clinique long lasting lipstick in soft bloom as well!!

i love mac's hue and gosh darling atm

Rhenicia said...

looove dior addict high shine lipsticks with a passion!

Robyn said...

I know exactly what you mean - £16 when you're twelve is like.... ALL the money. I'm still a bit tight now but £20 for a lippy isn't so crazy - better than spending £100 on shoes that don't fit, right?

Stacey said...

I'm the same, when I was younger I would never have spent that much on a lippie, different story now! I'm a bit of a safe lipstick wearer too, I would love to try red, maybe one day I'll take the plunge! x

nicoletta said...

You have choose some great shades there hun. I love clinique and estee lauder lipsticks too. Have you tried Estee Lauder Crystal Baby its so pretty.
I love the clinique moisture sheer lipsticks too but they discontinued them a while back if i remember they were gorgeous too.

I've given you an award over at my blog xx

iryn said...

i love wearing pink tones too. im a fan of matte colors rather than the shimmery or glossy ones. i feel like glossy lipsticks doesn't fit my lips. :)

Merel said...

I love lipstick! Most of the time I like them more than glosses. My favourite lipstick is from Bourjois, sweet kiss naturel lipstick, in a very pink colour, I love it and wear it constantly:) I only had one high end lipstick, from Dior, I've been wearing it a lot and I loved it, but wouldn't say its that much different from drugstore ones.. !

Xx Merel

All Made Up said...

PeachPixie I’m generally the same cos I tend to wear gloss so much more frequently! Heard great things about some of the Clinique glosses but I haven’t bought a new one in AGES. I usually wait till they’re doing one of the bonus gifts before I buy anything :)

Jennifer I’m glad to hear it! For the most part I just find myself veering towards posts about drugstore goodies because I adore so many of them. Whats odd is that I sometimes come across awesome high-end stuff and it doesn’t occur to me to post about it!

Herroyalbleakness thank you for the lovely comment! Though I cant help being nervous about people actually considering my reviews when picking up new makeup :/ I don’t know if it’s just me but when I come across a product I really like I always hope people will like it too. Kinda like recommending a book or a film; I hope everyone agrees with me (even if that’s not likely!!)

Leah I will try to get some swatches asap. Thanks to our rubbish Belfast weather it’s dark when I leave for work and dark when I get home and getting swatches is a total nightmare without natural light :)

Jo Woods I actually have both lipsticks that you mentioned and adore them! I picked up 6 of the Colour Sensational ones when Maybelline had a 3 for 2 offer recently!

Robyn I couldn’t agree more. As for the shoes thing… I have a couple of gorgeous pairs in size 6 (I wear a 5) because they were in the sale and it seemed a crime not to get them. Now it seems like a total waste...

♥ Stacey ♥ I’ve been on the lookout for a nice red shade for ages but I just cant bring myself to wear one. I guess it’s just cos I’m not used to it and the colour looks so bright compared to what I normally wear. Let me know if you come across any good ones though ♥

Nicoletta I only have about half a dozen Estee Lauder shades (adore them all though!) so I’ll have a look at Crystal Baby next time I’m in, you can never have too many, eh? Thank you very much for the award – I was so pleased cos I’ve been following you like forever so it’s kinda flattering that you enjoy my little ramblings too!

Merel I haven’t tried that particular one but I’m a huge fan of the Bourjois lippies too. The texture is always so rich and creamy and I think a lot of the shades are beautiful