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Wednesday 22 December 2010

Exceptional definition mascara

Good evening all! Hope you’re having a great week and are looking forward to Santas arrival – only a couple of days to go!!!

I’ve had such a long day so wanted to do a little review of a mascara I picked up a while back before I go and soak in the bath for an hour or two

I’m a massive fan of No7s Extreme Length mascara – it’s one of those products that look fantastic when applied but take minimal effort and skill to use. I’ve gone through 3 of these in the last year or so which is completely unlike me, I usually suffer from grass-is-greener-syndrome :)

So I picked up the Exceptional Definition mascara because I’d heard people rave about it and compare favourably it to the Extreme Length one (Ok ok I’ll admit I also wanted to get my hands on the GWP)

I think the wand is really interesting cos there are different types of rubber bristles so in theory it should do everything well; coating the lashes, separating them and preventing clumps

Unfortunately I was pretty disappointed by this mascara. The formula is meh. The brush is nothing to write home about; if anything the various bristles just make this a pain to apply. Also, for the price (£12.50) there are loads of better mascaras out there such as Max Factors False Lash Extension Effect which is about £11


Anonymous said...

I keep hearing about Boots No7, is it a UK only brand. I've never seen it in the states. I am always intrigued by makeup I can't have. LOL

Tracy D said...

We can get no. 7 products in Canada & I'll be on the lookout for that extreme length mascara

Billi said...

thanks for review dear

Titi said...

Is better than HR Lash Queen Feline Black?

ohyouprettythings said...

great review! thank you! :]
Happy holidays!

Musicalhouses said...

Great review! Thank you! I've never tried any No 7 products before, but this looks really interesting :)

All Made Up said...

Darling Girl yup, unfortunately it’s UK only. I reckon you could probably get a lot of the stuff on ebay if you’re keeping an eye out for it though! ♥

Tormentilla28 unfortunately I haven’t tried the Helena Rubinstein LQFE mascara cos I’d heard reports that it’s particularly clumpy and doesn’t do a good job of separating the lashes. Would you recommend it? :)