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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Argan Oil - My new hair obsession

Even though I know hair is dead once it pops through the scalp and the texture, structure or number of hairs can’t be changed in any permanent way I’m constantly searching for products that will make my hair look and feel softer, smoother and shinier

I have absolutely no idea where I first heard about Argan Oil but once the name was stuck in my head I knew I had to give it a try! I read a few bits n pieces about it online and then picked up a bottle after much deliberation (it costs £12.99 per 100mls and I’m skint at the minute) I read the box in my local beauty store, then put it down and wandered around looking for the stuff I actually needed. Then went back and read the box again, just in case, I, you know, missed anything first time round… Funnily enough the box said the exact same thing but by that point I’d convinced myself that I needed it more than silly things like toothpaste and deodorant :)

The weather has been playing havoc with my hair over the last few weeks,leaving it particularly dry, frizzy and lank. I need a trim but I’m waiting for another couple of weeks because I want it to be freshly cut just before I head to Ibiza (a whole week lying on the beach reading rubbish novels. Le sigh) When I read the instructions I was a tad wary because it advises to use 2-3 pumps of product on short hair and 4-5 on long hair… Now I dunno about you but I can’t help thinking that less is most definitely more when it comes to hair oils/serums so I was a bit stingy with the oil the first couple of times I used it because I didn’t want to look like I’d washed my hair in a deep fat fryer. Now I’m a bit braver and have discovered that 3 pumps is the perfect amount for my hair, which is shoulder length and ridiculously fine

Although Argan oil certainly hasn’t given me luxuriously thick, lustrous, smooth tresses which would rival those of Eva Longoria it’s definitely made a noticeable improvement! I have far less little flyaway hairs along my middle parting, my hair looks much healthier and is actually easier to manage. I’ve found that after drying my hair the texture is much nicer than usual so I’m less inclined to use my straighteners to finish styling it and even though I’ve applied 3 rather generous pumps of oil it doesn’t end up greasy any quicker than usual! I’ll definitely be re-purchasing this when my current bottle runs out ♥


herroyalbleakness said...

ive a problem with stray hairs and no shampoo-conditioner tandem has ever addressed em. Argan oil sounds promising! Nice to hear that you're intending to repurchase, makes me all the more curious about this product. Too bad we don't have it around here.

Amy said...

I seen this the other day! I love Argen oil but I use the vo5 miracle concentrate :) xx