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Thursday, 28 July 2011

because prevention is better than cure...

Good evening all! Hope your having a wonderful week so far and are getting the same lovely weather that we've been enjoying in Belfast! I just wanted to wax lyrical about Soltan Once; an SPF30 sun cream for the face that gives 8 hours protection

I’ve always disliked applying high factor sun cream to my face because it’s generally thick, greasy pore-clogging stuff that always causes horrible breakouts on my cheeks and chin. Obviously I suffer through it cos I’d rather avoid things like sunburn, wrinkles and, you know, skin cancer…
This stuff is absolutely incredible. It’s more like a thick lotion than a yucky heavy cream and is absorbed into the skin unbelievably easily. When I know I’m gonna be spending a lot of time outside during the day I’ll apply this first thing in the morning and then once it’s completely soaked in (takes a few minutes max) I apply my makeup as usual. The best thing about this has to be that it gives up to 8 hours protection… As long as you follow the instructions properly you don’t have to worry about constantly re-applying throughout the day as you do with most sun creams

The instructions on the pack aren’t the most accurate though. They say that the bottle contains 20 applications yet it advises that each application should be one teaspoon for the face and neck. Which would mean that there are only 10 applications in the 50ml tube. When it comes to sun cream I reckon more is more so I usually apply at least a teaspoon to my face and neck; better safe than sorry and all that
This leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth so I’m more than happy to use this in place of my usual moisturiser on sunny days – the only fault I can find with it is that it can leave me a bit shiny by the end of the day. Though I definitely consider that a small price to pay for such great protection! ♥


calicoaster said...

This looks pretty nice...I hope we get such brands here too.. :) Thanks for the great review!!


Aysha Frost said...

Sorry to hear about people stealing your content. I was hoping your Dior post would still be here but it's gone :( I was just looking the pallet online and couldn't remember what the name of colours you had were, could you remind me please? As they looked lovely :)