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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Maybelline New York Pure Mineral Foundation

Hello all! And happy Wednesday to you, hope you’re having a nice week so far :)

I just read a comment left by Annette asking about Maybellines Pure Cover Mineral foundation. I can’t believe I haven’t done a post on this yet cos I’d been meaning to for ages! I did a review a while back where I waxed lyrical about the concealer so it’s about time I did the same for the foundation! I have a head like a sieve so thanks to Annette for reminding me

You’ve probably noticed that I love some of the Maybelline foundations - Superstay 24hr and Dream Satin Liquid to name but two – and in terms of coverage the Pure Mineral falls directly in the middle of these two so I was impressed by this from the very first use

The coverage is medium and the finish is a satin-y, dewy glow that doesn’t last particularly well. I wouldn’t apply this if I knew I had a really long day in ahead of me but if it was just a standard day at work it’d be perfect. Any longer and it generally needs to be re-applied (or at least touched up) as it has a tendency to fade relatively quickly

The only skin type I wouldn’t suggest this for is oily… Although it’s oil free I've found that this is no good when my skin is particularly greasy as it doesn't absorb the excess oil and just makes me look more shiny, especially around my nose and forehead. Also, the more oily my skin the more quickly this seems to slide off, even with a decent primer and setting powder!

I believe Pure Minerals is available in 7 shades and as long as you find one that matches your skin tone it looks incredibly natural – I think it’s partly because this doesn’t look “set” once it’s been applied so the final result is a fresh pretty glow as opposed to a “made-up” sorta look. Which is why I always veer towards gel, cream and liquid blushes and subtle eye shadow when I wearing this, it just inspires a more natural theme for me

For summer time this is my dream foundation; it feels fairly light, looks natural, glides on supremely easily, is mineral based and isn’t packed with skin irritating things like talc or perfume ♥


Annette said...

Thankyou!! I think you've described it really well and done a fair review of it's positive and negative aspects. I have dry skin so i'm ok with it but you're right - it doesn't last as long as i'd like. On the plus side there's an SPF of 18 so that's quite good too:-) Thanks again - i'm looking forward to more of these reviews!

Annette said...

P.S. On a side note. I have the Guerlain Divinora silky smooth foundation, fluid, semi-matt, SPF 12 and i find it very similar to the Maybelline in texture, application and finish. So maybe a kind of dupe? (It smells amazing)

Laura Holt said...

This review was really helpful! :) Ive tried this before and had the same problem it didn't last as long as i would of liked it too

Laura xo

Radiant Make Up said...

I normally avoid maybelline foundations after some of their older ones were terrible for me but I've heard a few goo d things abouts about this one :)
and after your review I think I'll give it ago - i trust your opinion on foundations!! x

John said...

I think you've described it really well and done a fair review of it's positive and negative aspects. thanks

calicoaster said...

The product looks good and I liked the way you've reviewed it!! :)