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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Nostalgic bathing

Wandering down the kids aisle in Tesco I spotted bottles of Matey (I might be remembering it wrong but I was 110% sure it used to be called Mr Matey?) and I was embarrassingly excited! I haven’t used this in years!! When I was a kid my mum would always buy me the pink girly Matey and got my brother the much nicer smelling blue Matey (Admittedly probably not the most traumatising experiencing ever but it still sucked!)

Although they both smell completely different to the old versions they’re scrummylicious so I bought not just 1 but 2 bottles. Muwahahahaha! Er, yeah, I really am 25, honest. It would seem I just don't get out much… Too busy splashing aroung in a Matey bubble bath…


Charlie said...

I buy this for my kids and it was definitely Mr Matey when I was young x

Danielle Rose said...

:] haha i have super sensitive allergic skin so i use matey when i bath :] its that of simple non sented stuff really

Kirsti x said...

Im also 25 and still buy Matey bubbles - its definitely the way to go :p


Joy said...

Charlie I’ll definitely be doing the same when I have kids – And they’ll have to call it Mr Matey

Daniella Rose I never really thought about how good this is for my skin but now that you mention it this always leaves me nice n soft and not dry or uncomfortable!

Kirsti I couldn’t agree more; Philosophy and Champneys etc might *seem* really sophisticated but Mr Matey Rules :)