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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Revlon PhotoReady Concealer in light 002
Although I buy a new concealer every couple of weeks or so I don’t review them often…  They’re one of my most purchased / most binned-after-a-few-use products and I haven’t come across many that give great coverage but still look natural. This one from Revlon is a recent spur of the moment buy and it totally kicks ass

The only reason I got this was cos I needed to spend a minimum of £15 to get the GWP from Revlon. Also got an eye liner and lip gloss to take the total over 15 quid :)
I had very low expectations as these little stick concealers are normally ridiculously cakey but this goes on like butter and covers like paint. The little lipstick style twist-stick means this is one of the least messy ways to apply a concealer and because the texture is so nice I can literally draw lines and dots where I have yucky stuff going on that the rest of the world doesn’t need to see and then blend it out with my fingers. Hey Presto, you’d never know I had only got 2 hours sleep and currently have 3 spots the size of small-ish volcanoes on my chin. Impressive, no?  
In the past I’ve found I need a light, runny textured product to hide my dark circles (thick ones just sink into the skin around my eyes making the area look all dry and cakey) and a thicker more creamy one to hide blemishes (anything too thin just slides off throughout the day or doesn’t cover well enough in the first place) but this does both
Summary : 
Cost - £6.49
Size - 3.2g
Shades available – light, light/medium and medium
In a nutshell – So awesome that if anyone tries it and doesn’t like it I’ll eat my hat


Anna Elizabeth said...

Ooh I've been thinking about picking this up and you have me convinced!

Jacq said...

can't agree with you more on this concealer! it is really good! :P


Monica - Pisica albastra said...

oh, boy!
the only reason i haven't tried this yet is because the Photoready foundations is...wel..kinda sparkly, and i deffinitely dindn't want my zits to sparkle eather :)))
but you didn't mention anything about it having glitter or light reflecting particles in it, so i think i'll give it a go!
thank you!

Wifezilla Hekela said...

That looks super interesting, It looks like it blends super well. I may stop in and pick one of these up. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Looks great! I tend to prefer drugstore concealers to high end

Aimee. said...

I am so getting this <3