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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Seriously overrated products

I was trawling through my makeup recently cos I just fancied a change but can’t quite afford to treat myself to anything new (it's my nephews birthday this month and I like to spoil him!) and I came across sooo many products that I really regret buying

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just return all the beauty stuff you’ve ever bought and hated for a full refund? I’d be loaded! Well until I spent all the pennies on more products – half of which I’d probably end up wanting to return. Hmmm I think I see a pattern there :)

With that thought in mind I figured I’d mention a few things that I picked up and wasn’t particularly happy with. These are things that came highly recommended by people with impeccable taste (i.e. my friends and sisters) so the disappointment was all the more irritating when I wasn’t keen on them. Obviously it’s just my humble opinion cos I know a lot of girls swear by these products!

Boi-ing concealer by Benefit – Possibly the worst concealer I’ve ever used. Horrible texture and none of the shades seem to be skin coloured. Didn’t do a good job of concealing anything either! It leaves little dry caked sections where it’s been applied and I found it to be an all round big fat disappointment

Bobbi Browns Skin Foundation SPF 15 – This was my introduction to Bobbi Brown products and I was very unimpressed. It’s more like a tinted moisturiser, doesn’t give great coverage, doesn’t last long and costs 3 times as much as other (better) foundations!

Cliniques dramatically different moisturizing lotion – Personally I didn’t see any difference between this and dozens of other moisturisers! It’s not the worst product ever but I reckon it’s just ok

Soap & Glorys spray-on body moisturising mist – Now I adore the Soap & Glory range so had pretty high expectations of this and it just didn’t deliver. Claims to leave skin softer, smoother and more supple and it didn’t. Personally I just felt greasy. Though on the plus side it smells scrummy!

Too Faced Shadow Insurance – This is something I absolutely adore and have used for a very long time but I’ve included it because I don’t get the new fascination with primers. I think they’re dead handy if you’re gonna be wearing your makeup for hours and hours but for every day wear I think it’s just another step in the makeup routine that isn’t really necessary


Lily Blue said...

thanks for sharing, it's great to see that kind of post :)

when i look around blogger, people always say great stuff about different kinds of products but i rarely see people explaining why they regret to have bought some stuff.

i should do that too once !!!


* ClaudsMakeUpCorner * said...

try swapping on makeup alley

Marisa said...

That is so true about the benefit concealer... It just cakes on! Even with a tin layer it looks bad, and through out the day it becomes sooo oily :s

diamantegirl said...

I love 3 of them products! Too aced shadow insurance, benefit boi-ing and clinique moisturiser. But what suits one person won't suit another :-))

Catanya said...

Great post!
I am particularly surprised about your opinion about Too Faced Shadow Insurance since most people seem to rave about it! It is good to read second thoughts.

Leslie said...

I love the scent of Girligo but it isn't moisturizing.
Thanks for stopping by & commenting on my blog.
I'm now following you!

Real Girls Beauty said...

Hi, nice blog! Thanks for subscribing to mine :) I know exactly what you mean about always buying products and then not really liking them I do it all the time unfortunately....mostly with foundations, I still haven't found a must have one!

Not sure what skin type you are but instead of the dramatically different moisturising lotion you could try the gel.

Z x

All Made Up said...

I guess it's definitely true that there are some love or hate products out there! Though I'm really pleased to see that I'm not the only one to dislike these classics :)

TheBristolBeautyBlog said...

I agree with you about the Clinique moisturiser. I've tried worse, but I've had loads better moisturisers, at a fraction of the cost. I do disagree with primer though. Since I bought my first primer, it's totally been a revelation. I have quite oily lids, so makeup slides off after about an hour. Now it doesn't! xx

ModestyBrown said...

I don't like Clinique dramatically different moisturiser. It has never suited my skin. I don't particularly rate their 3 step system generally, though I know it is a really big seller.
MB x

Cheeky Beauty said...

Oh funny, I agree on: Clinique dramatically different moisturiser.. There was nothing different nor dramatic about this, apart from maybe the price! Rubbish!
The S&G body spray- just bad!
Bobbi Brown foundation - not very good at all compared to others cheaper or same price range..
I like Boiing though, doesn't cake on mé..

All Made Up said...

Wow, who knew so many people would agree about the Clinique moisturiser? I get the feeling some people are totally swept away by the hype and then just assume that what they're using is great cos they havent tried enough different brands! :)

Stavroula said...

Good post! :) I had the Clinique gel (not the lotion one) and it was ok, but nothing great! My Avene moisturizers are better! :)

As for eyeshadow primers, I CAN'T even put mascara on without them! My eyelids are very oily and quite hooded, so if I don't use any primer my eye makeup is all melted after 2 hours and my mascara smudges and smears all over the place after 4-5 hours, even though I always use waterproof ones! So, eyeshadow primers are essential for me! :)

All Made Up said...

Hi Stavroula!

Ooooh, havent tried the Avene moisturisers yet but have heard good reports! My skin is a bit of a nightmare at the min so I'd be nervous about trying something new :)

That must drive you mad! I think primers are brill if I know I'm gonna be wearing my makeup for ages but I don't fancy having the wear one every day!

Stavroula said...

Oh I love Avene! :) My skin is having issues as well, but Avene moisturizers don't irritate it at all! :) You have to try their Thermal Water at least, it's so multi-purpose and so soothing! :)

Thank God I found out about eyeshadow primers a few years ago!! :D

Kaitlyn said...

i totally agree about boi-ing! i reviewed the concealaholic palette which contains boi-ing last week and i mentioned how i feel that boi-ing, among some of the others in the palette, are not too great. i really could have bought equivalent concealers from the drugstore - if not better ones!

Sarah said...

I always have to wear primer on my lids, otherwise my shadows fade and crease. I've also started wearing primer on my face and have noticed my foundation lasts a bit longer.