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Thursday, 7 October 2010

Hello Kitty bag and favourite face masks

I’ve had such a lazy day and should probably be embarrassed to admit that I have watched 7 episodes of Desperate Housewives back to back (but it was awesome so I’m not!) Could Eva Longoria Parker look anymore perfect?

Whilst watching it and drinking copious amounts of tea I decided I may as well go all out and apply a nice face mask too. My skin has been a tad dry recently so I opted for Hydra Intense by Lancome which got me thinking about which masks I use for which “problems.” My top four are;

Hydra Intense by Lancome when my skin feels dry
Deep Cleansing face mask by Simple when I get breakouts
Tea Tree peel off mask by Avon when I’m looking oily
Express Radiance Mask by L’Occitane when my skin looks a bit dull

Anyone else have any favourites that you'd recommend?

Also wanted to mention the adorable Hello Kitty bag I got with my most recent Avon order!
I got a new blusher brush, ANEW smoothing eye liner in white, glimmerstick diamonds eye liner in Smokey Diamond, a cute eye shadow quad and Arabian Glow bronzing pearls
I find a lot of the Avon stuff pretty hit n miss but have got a few gems over the years so can’t help but order something every time I get the new book!


Gina said...

Nice pieces, I'm going make up shopping tomorrow, lost everything on a night out! xxx

Anonymous said...

That quad looks super pretty! Btw dont you think that avon quads look similar to Chanel ones? x

Flora D. said...

Thanks for the comment. I love your blog and just followed.

I just fall in love with Avon eyeshadow quad yesterday. I have a post about that on my blog now.


Hannah said...

Little more expensive but turnaround facial at Clinique is amazing! ♥

Katie-xo said...

That Hello Kity bag is so cute! I usually have to order something from Avon when I look through! That eye-shadow quad looks nice :) xxx

Leslie said...

Love the HK bag. I collect HK things :)
Nice makeup too!

Toesthattwinkle! said...

I love the hello kitty pouch! thanks for stopping by at my blog!
Follow me and ill follow you!
(i just started and could use some followers!)

FashionSlave said...

Love the eye shadow quad x

Amy said...

Thanks for the comments on my blog! I am following you now! :) Also, could you possibly follow please? She is entering channel 4's best young blogger of the year and needs more followers, it isn't a beauty related blog, but she really is an awesome writer for 17 years of age! thanks a lot hun, also thanks for entering my giveaway! xxx

nicoletta said...

Hi there hun, love hello kitty how cute. I don't use nuch Avon but i like there glimmersticks liners a lot, have you tried them?
Thanks for your comments on my blog xx

Marisa said...

Eva Longoria is stunning!!!!!
Have you tried Lush face masks? They are really good too (:

Anonymous said...

That bag is so cute; I'd probably make an order just for the bag. :-D

All Made Up said...

Thank you all for the lovely comments and recommendations! :)

neekeexoxo - They're very similar to chanel except bigger! and in my books thats gotta be a good thing

hannah - I got the Turnaround facial by Clinique about a year ago and I don't think I finished the jar... tbh I cant remember if I liked it or not!

nicoletta - yup, been using the Glimmersticks since my sister let me borrow hers and I was well impressed!

Marisa - Havent used a Lush face mask in AGES! I adore the chocolate one and the lettuce one so I might have to treat myself when I'm in town tomorrow

R. said...

what a nice blog :)

that hello kitty make up bag is too cute!

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All Made Up said...

Hi R, Thanks for your comments! Everyone seems to like the bag - kinda wish I'd bought a few as Christmas pressies :)

I shall have a look at your blog this evening cos I'm always after new ones to follow!

Kaitlyn said...

i agree, avon products are hit or miss. i haven't bought anything from there in a long time, because i hadn't been impressed with their products.

Nic @ The War Paint Guru said...

You seriously sound like my kinda girl! TV marathon, tons of tea and pampering??? :-) Love it! I haven't been too keen on Avon...ordered a few years ago and wasnt that impressed with the quality. Has it improved?? xxxx