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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Cos sometimes only neon pink will do

Maybelline New York My Balm in 801A
The minute I saw this neon pink lip balm I had to have it! I much prefer really bright eye makeup to lip colours but I still have a massive amount of shocking pink lipsticks and glosses in my collection… I think they just remind me of being 7 years old and playing with my Barbies; I can't think of a single Barbie item that wasn't available in bright pink… and for that reason alone I was probably a bit jealous of her :)
Believe it or not this is actually a nice subtle baby pink when it's applied so it's the kinda thing you can apply on the go without a mirror (I have about 6 compact mirrors but none in my handbag when I need one!) It might be described as a balm but this does nothing to soften or moisturise my lips so I treat it like a regular old lipstick. That being said it stays moist and comfortable so I'm not constantly re-applying or worrying that it looks all dry and creased like I do with some lipsticks
I got the only colour available in my local store, which is 801A but I've spotted a nice coral and pale pink online so I shall be ordering those too. I know it's been said that you can have too much of a good thing but I'd have to strongly disagree :) This is just the perfect go-to lip product that I can reach for again and again, esp when I'm just not sure how to finish off a certain look


The Peach said...

Very nice color! And I tend to gravitate towards bright pink things too :)

Rachel Lee said...

Oooo! you make me want to try this!~I like corals, i may have to order it :) hehe

Kat said...

Want to try this