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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Shoes to die for

One of the best things about the interwebs has gotta be the opportunity it’s given me to pick up some awesome goodies that would generally be way out of my price range... Take these unbelievably fantastic Christian Louboutin shoes for example :)

I was browsing online last night and came across these in a sale for under £200. Still far more than I’d usually pay but I figured they look so exquisite that I could probably wear them with a bin bag and would still manage to look good (and seeing how I’m not gonna be able to afford an outfit to go with them that is just might come down to that!)

But it’s my birthday next month and of course the Christmas party season is just around the corner so I figure I will get plenty of wear out of them over the coming months. And yes, that’s me justifying the purchase to myself :p

P.S. One of the worst things about the web is waiting for newly purchased stuff to arrive!

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