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Friday, 25 November 2011

How did I live without this?

It's About Prime Anti-Crease Eyeshadow Underbase

This stuff is so awesome I feel it should be considered the 8th wonder of the world. It actually does exactly what Soap & Glory claim it will but then goes above and beyond to do more awesome stuff that you’d never expect. It even smells delicious. I mean there’s absolutely no reason whatsoever to be concerned about how a primer smells, but still… Just one more thing to add to the list of what makes this primer awesome. Right, I’m gonna stop saying awesome now…
I think we all want the same thing for a primer so here’s a list of all the good things it does;

Evens the skin tone on my eye lids, even when I’m tired and they’re a disturbingly bright shade of blotchy blue

Stops my eye shadow from creasing

Makes my eye makeup last all day

Contains fine line reducing ingredients and even though I’m not particularly long in the tooth just yet it means I don’t have to worry about makeup sinking into any teensy creases

Makes my eye shadows look brighter more “true” - they actually look like they do in the pan – as opposed to diluted versions of the same shades

Looks beautifully iridescent and pretty so can even be worn by itself on no-makeup days when I still wanna look fresh and, you know, awake :)

Comes in two different shades so you can use one for a light day time look and one for a darker more smokey look

Smells good too


Shades available – Smokey Eye Primer and Bright Light
Cost - £8
Size – 5ml
Does it work? – Absolutely
Will I repurchase? Already bought a second one “just in case” In case of what I’m not entirely sure but I felt like I needed to own a spare


The Brunette said...

ok I'm sold, I'm going to go get one today :)

Pennyblossoms said...

Just love, love, love S&G products, but have yet to try the make up.
Shame 'bout the blusher on previous post. Still, if out of all their products you've used this is the first to get a thumbs down, that's a pretty good strike rate!
Z xx

kirsti_r said...

I keep looking at the S&G cosmetics stand but am so overwhelmed but all the pink packaging and goodies i never know what to pick!

Thanks for helping me decide ;)