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Saturday, 3 September 2011

My new favourite makeup

Good evening all! Hope you’re having a fantastic weekend so far :) I’ve had a seriously busy month and haven’t really had time to blog so I have about a million and one products I wanna mention but I just have to start with something by Laura Geller because it’s officially my new favourite makeup brand. I’ve only tried a few things from the range but have loved them so much I now have a Laura Geller shopping list which is in danger of reaching page two of an A4 notebook
You’ve probably already noticed that I’m a bit of a QVC addict (the lazy girls window shopping!) and it’s introduced me to a few good brands – like Smashbox and Decleor – so I’d seen demonstrations of the Laura Geller makeup dozens of times before I actually bit the bullet and decided to treat myself to a little 5 piece Baked Vanilla Nudes kit. The main reason I got this was because it included the Balance n Brighten powder which I’d had my eye on for ages
The 5 piece kit includes a blush/highlighter/bronzer trio, balance n brighten, mascara, an eye shadow duo and a lipstick

Ever noticed how you see adverts for some foundations and you kinda go aye, right! when you see the before and after shots cos it doesn’t actually work half as well when you try it out? Well with this stuff it’s the other way round! I wore this by itself today. i.e without a liquid foundation underneath. That’s pretty much unheard of for me cos I not only love liquid foundations but actually veer towards to high coverage ones like Double Wear so to get away with just a powder is incredamazing

I opted for the fair shade which has adapted fairly well to the slight tan I got on holiday!

This powder starts out as a cream which is baked for 24 hours. As you can see from the swirly pattern it’s a mix of numerous different shades which seems to be why the few shades available can adapt to match pretty much every single skin tone there is. The texture of this powder is silky smooth and it’s really really tightly packed into the pan so you can swirl your powder brush around in it again and again without leaving a big powdery mess everywhere

I find that I can swirl a brush in the pan, tap off the excess, buff this all over my face and have perfectly finished foundation in about 15 seconds. Honestly, it’s just beyond easy. As for the finished look… The first thing I have to say it that it isn’t yuckily powdery! I generally wouldn’t dream of using a powder foundation (unless it was just to set a liquid one) because I hate that really unpleasant cakey, dry, matte look, not least of all cos the powder clings to all those unbelievably small hairs all over your face, settles in any lines or creases and just looks horrible. The finish you get from Balance n Brighten is definitely matte but it’s a much more smooth creamy look than you’d expect from a powder compact Oh and the biggest compliment that could be awarded to this? My mum used (and liked!!) it whilst we were on holiday. She doesn’t wear any makeup at all unless it’s a really special occasion but she liked this so much she dusted a little over her face every morning to hide her dark circles and the little broken capillaries over her cheeks. I’ve used this pretty much every day for about 6 weeks and you’d hardly think I’d used any at all. Apparently it’s fairly long-lasting and I reckon I’ll still be using the same compact after Christmas
This is definitely gonna be a repeat purchase and I’m now looking forward to buying and trying more Laura Geller stuff. Feel free to let me know if you have any favourites from the brand!


CRYS said...


Essie. said...

gorgeous! i'd love to try this :) xx

The Peach said...

I've seen a lot of great Laura Geller review. I'm going to have to try some of her products sometime!

herroyalbleakness said...

I'm so sold! You review things incredibly and I'm glad you're finding great stuff out there.

I hope we get to have Laura Geller stuff here, too. There are people who consolidate US orders from where I live but it's a pain to go through paying shopper's (and shipping) fee that's insanely hiked :(

Radiant Make Up said...

I really love the look of that.. I think it's getting added to my wishlist :)
gorgeous review hun, reaally informative!! x

Missira said...

very good!!!! mmmmmm


Bettina@BeautySwot said...

Great review, I am like you, not at all keen on powder foundations so this is a huge endorsement for the product

Leslie said...

I really like powder foundations, and this one sounds so awesome! It's definitely now on my wishlist! Thanks for the in-depth review!

♥ Leslie xx