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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Makeup disaster and NOTD x3

Good evening all! Hope you had a nice weekend… As you can probably tell from the pic of Zoe it was all go in my house :) Spent ages in the park with Adryen and the pooches cos apparently a hurricane is gonna be hitting the UK so if the weathers as bad as expected I’ll probably be stuck indoors every evening

I was watching 24 earlier today (yeah, I’m a teensy bit behind everyone else!) and decided to try a few different colours on my nails. They’re all from the NYC In A New York Minute range which is easily the best new nail polish I’ve tried this year
Times Square Greenwich Village
Spring Street

I’m not exactly skilled when it comes to polish application but this makes it unbelievably easy… it’s totally self-levelling so all I have to worry about is staying inside the lines and it generally looks grand when I’m done

At the minute Superdrug have a 3 for 2 offer on the NYC stuff so I’ve bought quite a few bottles of this as they only cost £1.79 each. 3 gorgeous polishes for under £4… bargaintastic, eh?

Know what really sucks? When you absolutely love a product, have just written a very complimentary review about it, only to drop it and have it smash all over the floor rendering it pretty much unusable :( That’s what happened to my fantastic Laura Geller blush last night. I’m just coming to terms with the loss but it’s been rather upsetting *sniff*


BlushCrush said...

Oh no how awful, you love that Laura Geller blusher! What a strange way for it to come apart though, normally things crumble/shatter, as opposed to come off in layers - at least you can still use it though I suppose. I had some of those NYC polishes a couple of years back and they applied terribly, so it's good to see that they've improved them, I will definitely stop walking past them now, and give them another consideration x

Stacey said...

Ahhh how comfy does Zoe look! I will have a look at the polishes, your nails are lovely! Such a shame about your blush, doesn't look like it's a complete write off though, have you seen YT videos some people 'fix' their blushes/eyeshadows, might be worth a try x

Strawberry Blonde said...

Very pretty polishes and :( about your blusher! Same thing happened to me with a compact powder and someone suggested crushing it & using it as a loose powder. Maybe you could do the same?
Nic x

"your in my head now"... said...

Im a new follower=))Your blog is great, check mine out and follow back.xoxo

Selene and Theia said...

cute nail colors! very vibrant!!