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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Fab Face Oil

Decleor is one of those brands I've wanted to try for ages but it's completely out of my price range and I've never really known what to start with; seems kinda silly to just use a cleanser or moisturiser when I couldn't afford to splash out on the whole range. So I figured I'd have a look online to see which products were really highly recommended and bought a few that I could just add to my current skin care routine in the hope that it'd give me an idea how well the products work

I wanted to mention the Aromessence Neroli because it's one of those products that seems to have made a genuine difference to my skin. I havent tried many face oils before because it always seemed a bit odd to be putting oil on my skin… I know the companies claim that they wont make skin more oily I cant help being a tad wary! I've been using this every night before bed under my moisturiser and so far my skin not only feels smoother than normal but it's also more plumped and youthful looking. At 25 my skin doesn’t exactly look old or anything but when compared with my 16 year old sisters it's definitely not as bright n glowing as it could be

The smell is a bit off-putting because it's so strong but I guess that’s to be expected from an aromatherapy range. You only need a couple of drops to cover the whole face and neck area and most of the product is absorbed pretty much immediately… which kinda surprised me as I'd expected quite a lot of oily residue to just sit on top of my skin, leaving big stains on my pillow case too

When I get up each morning my skin looks more plump (in the good way, not like I've been eating lots of pies) and fresh. I just cleanse my face as usual and use my regular serum/moisturiser. My makeup goes on easily and is less likely to sink into my pores which is great in itself!
The bottle might be really small but I've been using this for weeks and still have loads left so a little goes a long way. As much as I like this oil I'm really not keen on the strong (albeit natural scent) so I'm not entirely convinced that I should get the whole range of goodies because I like products that are either perfume free or lightly scented cos I'm lazy at the best of times so definitely need products that I actually enjoy using to make me keep up with my routine :)

In a nutshell :

Pros :
Packaging is lovely - really simple and elegant
Feels really luxurious to apply
Absorbed easily and doesn’t leave a residue
Leaves skin smooth, soft and plump

Smells really strong
Costs an arm and a leg
No pump so it's easy to pour too much

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Anonymous said...

this sounds lovely! 'When I get up each morning my skin looks more plump (in the good way, not like I've been eating lots of pies)' - i couldn't stop laughing at this! haha

Atqa said...

I love Aromessence Neroli. I often mix a couple of drops with my morrocan clay mask to make it more nourishing and it works wonders.

♥ Stacey's Beauty Blog ♥ said...

Nice post Joy, I suffer from dry skin and was using a night moisturiser by Olay but now I just put Bio Oil all over and it has the same results as this does for you. Minus the pies! lol xx

Emily♥ 에밀리 ♥エミリー said...

Thanks for the post!
I was a bit wary of oil on my face too, but after reading all about it I was sold on the benefits. I've been using my own mixture of natural oils in place of cleanser/moisturizer for weeks now and I'm quite pleased. I've noticed improvement in my skin, and I'm so happy to be rid of all the chemicals in all the face products I was using. So worth it! :)

Argyro said...

Very interesting!!!
Who doesn't need extra freshness?!

Joy said...

Thanks for all your comments :) Glad to hear I wasnt the only person who was more than a tad nervous about using an oil on my face! ♥