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Monday, 2 May 2011

Epic Fail

Hope you’ve had a fantastic (not to mention extra long!) weekend! ♥

I didn’t get up to much even though I had 4 days off – did a little shopping, took my nephew swimming, read a lot, went for a run and generally relaxed and enjoyed the good weather. It was bliss :)
Talking of shopping I picked up a few gorgeous Accessorize goodies and figured I’d paint my nails this evening cos I wanted to try out the pretty-enough-to-eat sky blue shade from the range. It's actually called Mint Whisper but definitely looks more like a blue than a mint green to me!
The pink one is an old favourite from the brand called Paradise Pink

I opened the bottle and the whole glass rim was all smashed up :( Some of the glass was being held onto the bottle and inside the lid by chunks of dried nail polish. I know it’s probably just a one off (I’ve used the nail polishes before and the quality was fab) but it was totally disappointing… Instead of nice pale blue nails I ended up with a teensy hideous slice on my knuckle. Grrr! Don’t you just hate when stuff like that happens?!


Anonymous said...

That friggin sucks, I hate when this happens to my nailpolishes.
Or when you buy a lipstick, bring it home and find it melted.. -__-
such a bummer

Tracy D said...

How frustrating! I bought a Burts Bees lip shimmer recently & it was all melted and crumbled when I opened it. Hate that :(

Leslie said...

That's the worst! Sorry for you doll :|

I got a broken product in the mail and hate sorting through glass.

Sell WoW Account said...

i hate broken glass too:(
it always find a way to slice my fingers

Danielle Rose said...

UGGHHH! That has happened to me before too. A red revlon polish, it went everywhere.:[
I'm having a giveaway of Accessorize goodies!Feel free to enter. xxx

Emily♥ 에밀리 ♥エミリー said...

Aww, sorry this happened! My sister bought a nail polish once (forget the brand) but when she got it home it wouldn't open.. so she and my mom tried running it under water and the bottle actually broke!! Like you see in movies, when the large lady singing opera hits a high note and all the wine glasses smash.. lol. Neon green nail polish all over the place, not a pretty sight! >.<

Irishenchantment said...

omg i would return this :( its a really pretty colour too such a shame

shel xx

All Made Up said...

Called into my local Superdrug on Monday to buy this again but there weren't any left! Grrr! Though I guess it could've been worse...