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Friday, 29 August 2014

New Rimmel Keep Calms vs Maybelline Baby Lips

Good afternoon all and happy Friday! Hope you have loads of nice weekend plans lined up :) I for one will be going out for (hopefully yummy) food tomorrow night and spending at least a couple of hours reading Little Women on Sunday. Been meaning to read it for, ooh… I dunno, 10 years now? Well I finally started it last night and it’s fantastic

…Talking of fantastic things… I figured I’d do a little comparison between the new Rimmel Keep Calm lip balms and good old Maybelline Baby Lips

Packaging: As you can see from the packaging they both look similar and the only real difference is that the Keep Calms are shaped like a standard lipstick bullet whereas the Baby Lips are flat-topped like a chapstick. The super cute colour combos are what drew me to these products in the first place and I couldn’t fault the packaging design at all.  Keep Calms 10/10 and Baby Lips 10/10
Rimmel Keep Calm Lip Balms in 040 Blush Rose and 020 Pink Blush
Scent: These all have the slightly chemically fruity smell of your typical cheap lip balm, which I personally love. It’s a bit like when you buy fruit flavoured sweets, they’re nothing like the actual fruit they s’posed to taste of but there’s still something yummy about them. Cherry lips anyone? Out of the 4 I own the red Baby Lips has the strongest smell and the other 3 are just lightly scented so I can’t imagine anyone being put off these little beauties by scent alone. Keep Calms 8/10 and Baby Lips 8/10
Swatches; Rose blush on top and Pink Blush below
Appearance: Both products are designed to give a sheer hint of colour as opposed to the opacity you’d expect from a lipstick. The Baby Lips are more pigmented and give better colour payoff. I get a “barely there” tint of colour from the Keep Calms but for anyone with a naturally dark lip shade I doubt these would show up much at all.  I think the Maybelline ones give just enough colour to look super pretty but not require a mirror for application. In fact Cherry Me has been one of my favourite lip balms since Christmas and unfortunately the Rimmel ones aren’t good enough to take its place. Keep Calms 6/10 and Baby Lips 10/10
Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me and Pink Punch
Feel: The Baby Lips have a slicker, smoother, more nourishing feel. I find that the product almost melts onto the lips whilst I apply it and never drags the skin. The Keep Calms are soft and smooth but of a thicker consistency that doesn’t feel as pleasant. Keep Calms 7/10 and Baby Lips 9/10
Swatches; Cherry Me on top and Pink Punch below
Effectiveness: Neither of these products are designed to be used as intensive treatments or cures for seriously chapped lips but as softening balms that lock in moisture they work well… I think the baby Lips do the job quite a bit better as they fill in any little noticeable lines really nicely, don’t need to be applied as often and after a whole day of wear and re-application my lips definitely feel better after using only Baby Lips than when I’ve only used the Keep Calms. Keep Calms 6/10 and Baby lips 9/10

TL;DR? Here’s the summary: Both super cute, affordable lip balms with gorgeous packaging that will help keep your lips soft and hydrated. I think the Baby Lips look and feel better than the Keep Calms so will continue repurchasing these when new lines are added and shall avoid the Keep Calms :)

Joy ♥


Pennyblossoms said...

'Ello stranger!
Nice to see you back. Hope life is treating you good?
Not tried either of them, but it seems like Maybelline wins hands down.
Seem to have a heap of lippie balmy things...will have to use them up before I buy anymore! ('specially since I just bought the QVC TSV Bare Minerals the other day...naughty, naughty!).

All Made Up said...

So good to be back! Same old same old, definitely cant complain :) Really wanted the TSV but didn't get home in time to order, you'll have to let me know if the ready foundation is as good as the loose powder!