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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Holy Grail makeup remover and freebies

If there’s anything better than a really awesome GWP I’ve certainly never come across it! I reckon Lancome and Estee lauder always give the best bonus gifts so I’ll usually stock up on essentials when there’s a decent offer on… Which is why I’ve finally bought another bottle of Take It Away makeup remover!
I bought my first bottle of this years ago when I started using Double Wear because this kinda long-wearing-high-coverage foundation can be a nightmare to remove. The texture of this makeup remover is different from any other I’ve tried; it’s creamy and almost gel-like so it melts onto the skin, which means I only use a single pump for my entire face and neck. I find that using this with a cotton pad or soft tissue to be much more effective than facial wipes, not least of all cos it never leaves my skin feeling stripped or dry. Although regardless of what I use to take my makeup off I have to cleanse my face afterwards. The ginormous peanut sized spots are always just waiting under the surface of my skin for me to slip up!

So yeah, I got a new bottle of Double Wear (my 6th I believe – probably gives you an idea how much I love it!) and a bottle of Take It Away and the rest of the goodies came free. I already use Day Wear and Advanced Night Repair but these cute little travel sizes will be handy to leave in Adryens house

The eye shadows are as rubbish as always; not smooth enough or pigmented enough but that’s exactly what I expected
The lipstick (a Pure Colour Shimmer shade called Candy) was a really nice surprise… it’s a lovely rich berry pink shade and the frosted quality means it goes from a seriously dark purple-y pink to a shimmery baby pink depending on the light.
And as with all EL lipsticks it smells absolutely delicious, feels lovely on and lasts pretty well too :)

On that note I'm off to get ready for sleepy sleeps. Thanks for taking the time to stop by ♥


EVE-O-LUTION said...

woww this seems great :)

BTW- do enter my giveaway as well :)

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

I also love GWPs. I usually try to think of something I can buy and justify from the line so I can get the free gift. I really wish companies like MAC and MUFE did free gifts, can you imagine?? Amazing!

Fakhra's said...

ahan, nice deal...:)

BlushCrush ♥ said...

Oh this pic makes me want it all! x

cushy said...

nice gwp. my blog is having a giveaway!

suzy said...

Hey Joy, great post :D Where was the gwp deal on at? xx