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Monday, 3 October 2011

Dreadful application = almost ruining awesome blush

Collection 2000 Shimmer Shade Blushalicious blusher
Hi, hello and welcome! Hope you’re having a nice night. Correction, make that morning :) I can’t sleep so figured this would be the perfect time to write this little post which I’d meant to do before sleepy time

I mentioned this little Shimmer Shades quad in a haul post waaay back and have started using it loads recently. Ever find that you pick stuff up, leave it lying around in a drawer for months then realise that it’s actually really worth using all the time? I seem to have been doing that a lot recently
But anyway… I really like the shades in this little quad cos although they look scarily bright in the pan they’re actually fairly subtle and buildable when swatched. I generally like a lot of colour payoff from as little product as possible as I find powders have a tendency to sink into my pores if I keep applying more n more so this suits my pale skin really well

I’ll usually just swirl my brush around all 4 colours and do some sweepy strokes over my cheek and that’s me sorted. To be honest I’ve always thought it looked grand when I was looking in the mirror. It was only when I looked at this pic today that I realised the powder isn’t quite smart enough to realise where to put the shimmer and where to put the shade (yeah, I guess expecting a powder to know where to put itself is asking a wee bit much) so my extremely lazy swirly “technique” means the highlighter shade is far more obvious at the bottom instead of the top of my cheek

Memo to self; take an extra 20 seconds to do the blush and highlighter separately. Lazy sod

P.S. If you don’t copy my crappy application then I reckon you’ll find this blush works a treat, looks lovely on and lasts ages. All for the bargain price of £4.19


Anna Elizabeth said...

That blush looks lovely on you! So fresh and glowy!

socialitedreams said...

lmao, this post had me cracking up. "lazy sod" bwahahaha. looks like an awesome blusher quad color though :)

Bettina @BeautySwot said...

The shimmer shades were my Summer essentials,they are really nice.

lalalucy1000 said...

This blush looks lovely on you, such a pretty colour. I think if I bought it id just do the lazy brush swirl method too haha x x

Ms Bubu said...

Hahaha! I honestly haven't noticed that the highlighter was at the bottom until I read that part. But it's a nice colour, it suits you well! When you ae going to correct the application it will be perfect :)

Pennyblossoms said...

I didn't notice the gleam was in the 'wrong' place either. Just thought that it looked a great colour on you.
Sadly, at my age, I am having a bit too much 'glow'!!
I also have an award to pass onto you.

Z xx

Neidlingermief said...

That blush looks lovely on you! So fresh and glowy!