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Monday, 6 September 2010

Mostly MUA makeup haul

Good evening all, and what a horrid evening it is! Can you believe how miserable it is out? Bloody typical what with this being the first day of my two weeks off :(

Figured I’d mention a few MUA (makeup academy) items that I picked up recently because they’re fantastic quality and cost an incredible £1 each.

Mascara - shade 4 (dark brown colour, traditional brush and doesn’t clump – what more could you ask for?)

Lip sticks – shades 8, 9 and 11 (essentially 3 pretty pink shades with a little shimmer)

Eye shadows – shades 11, 15, 14 and 2 (2 dark browns and 1 dark green that are perfect for smokey eyes or using in the crease of the lid. The lightest colour is a totally gorgeous iridescent white which is the perfect highlight colour and very similar to MACs White Frost)

Blush – shades 1, 2 and 3 (I absolutely love shade 1 and it has replaced my Too Faced Ooh La Rouge in Pink Provocateur as my favourite “go to” blush that never fails)

Lip gloss – shades 2 and 3 (I wasn’t too sure about the colours because they’re so dark in the packaging but they’re not nearly so scary when applied! Although they look like a deep dark red and rich pink they’re actually fairly tame and could definitely be used as subtle every day colours. The texture isn’t too sticky and they leave a high level of shine without that thick slick of gloss that comes with so many products and just looks tacky)

Oh and I also got more Too Faced Shadow insurance, which I couldn’t live without and some Calvin Klein Infinite Matte foundation. Finding the perfect foundation is something I’ve been aiming for for quite a while and I haven’t tried any other CK makeup so reckon this should be worth a try...


Beauty Addict said...

I always wanted to try some MUA, but unfortunatelly I can't find it here... :/

I can't believe they are only £1!!

Confessions of a Beautyholic

Pretty Wonderful said...

Great products! I can't believe they are only £1! Thanks for all your lovely comments :) Love your blog too, i'm a new follower :)

Feel free to follow me too if u like :)

All Made Up said...

I know, such a bargain, especially cos most of the stuff is fab quality!

femputer said...

I'd really like to get my hands on some of that MUA stuff! You UKers do have some nice brands that we can't access here. :)

Nic (WarPaintGuru) said...

Looooove MUA! Bought even more yday! I think I might depot all my MUA shadows and make a palette....I just prefer using them in a palette for some reason...easier to find aswell! xxx

All Made Up said...

lol, to be honest femputer I think you guys have hundreds of awesome brands that we don't
so it's about time we got one here :p

Know the feeling Nic, just so much easier than having 3 or 4 little eye shadow pots opened at once... I think I'm gonna have the whole MUA collection before long (I sooo don't have the room for it though!)